On Name That Book!

@RachelMonroe YES! I read all of those books and I wasn't sure if Thirteen was the right one. Didn't Gretchen get in a traumatic car accident in one of them? I seem to remember a sad ending to the series.

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On Name That Book!

could the second one be Thirteen by Candice F. Ransom?


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On What Your Bag Says About You

I got a JW Hulme Legacy bag as a gift over the holidays and it is so perfect, it makes me want to cry. Big enough for everything, but not huge, pockets everywhere inside, and a strap that's easy to adjust to whatever length. It is the nicest thing that I own, which means that I am CONVINCED that something bad will happen to it/I'll destroy it/it'll get stolen.

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On Ask an Archivist

@phlox if you need a burned-out law firm librarian to chime in on Ask A Librarian ...HELLO.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Significant Others Have Said: The Bracket

At first I thought I had sleepwalk-commented and that #5 was secretly mine, but apparently there are multiples of this dude? From the same boyfriend (paraphrased from things he would tell me over and over -- YES, he would repeat these sentiments on occasion):

"My main motivation in getting close to people is because of what I can get out of them. I just want certain things out of a friendship or relationship, things that will benefit me. I even do it with my family. What? I'm selfish. I'm really selfish. I'm fine with it."

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On Save the Date, Washington D.C.: September 22

@cherrispryte COOL I will see you there, and I will try not to be too weird. YAY !

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On Save the Date, Washington D.C.: September 22

longtime reader, first-time caller ...I'm in D.C., and I kinda wanna come to this! is that cool? I'm not crazy, I swear.

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