On Friday Open Thread

@redheadedandcrazy I am going to write down that last bit somewhere so I can remember it when my brain is going into overdrive. It will be my "chill pill."

@atipofthehat HAH

@rayray My reasons are very reasonable, but every once in a while I surprise myself by doing something irrational, but I think this time it is for the best if I let go. But, I have your story to encourage me if ever I find myself wanting to change things up. :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@kayjay People are always taking dramatic and beautiful pictures of buildings in Detroit! Have you heard of the phrase ruin porn? Basically applies to any recent and arty picture taken of the city.

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On Friday Open Thread

I did a lot of thinking this week after reading the resolutions article (Boundary Setting! Emotional Unavailables!) and the Ask An Anonymous Person and I decided to not tell my long distance man friend that I want to get back together with him. I am A Young, and there will be other man friends.

But then my Dad told me he thinks I'm too rational about my relationship choices. Why would he do that? Doesn't he know I over analyze everything? Why did I let him bring that up? What am I supposed to do with that information? Fumble along as usual, I suppose.

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On Holiday Open Thread

Could someone please write me a paragraph or so speech on what to say to a guy you (halfheartedly) broke up with (only because of long distance) but now would really like to get back together with? Problem: we are still long distance, but this speech needs to make him ignore that? I know he still likes me. You do not buy a girl multiple excellent and well thought out presents if you do not like her. FACT. HELP.

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On Welcome, Jane Dough

@liznieve democraps are democraps, y u no understand?

(but, yeah. blech.)

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On A New Kind of Waterbed

I was kind of expecting more amputations/scar tissue in this piece. Did I miss something in the article? Maybe like, "Man fits in house because he doesn't have any limbs"?


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On Pain-Proof: Becoming the Lady Aye

I feel like I was just stepped on by a stranger and now I can't breathe. This was so fierce! I am in awe and also a little bit tense at the same time.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: The Slap

@emilylouise YES. First time I saw the trailer for Like Crazy! Could not stop, seriously.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: The Slap

Trailers are my favorite thing, always! Even outside of movie theaters. I love squinting to find which obscure news station said that "Jack and Jill" was endearingly heartwarming and the number one comedy in Amurrica. It is like a challenge between me and the purposefully small and smudgy font under the quotes.

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On When Your First Kiss Happens in Public

@thornbek More like eager beavers, amirite? (There is a double meaning in that, I think.)

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