On Sympathy for Liz

Oh my word there is nothing more devastating than a childhood misconception shattered. I thought "island" was a totally different word from its phonetic pronunciation for an embarassingly long time. So, completely different, but whatever.

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On Okay, Beer Pong. Maybe.

I'm going to play Presidential Debate Bingo! And also drink, but only when either candidate makes me sad. These cards are great for anyone interested in also playing: http://cognitivedissonance.tumblr.com/post/32770203240/presidential-debate-bingo-time-heres-all-the

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On The Apple Oracle

@parallel-lines Northern spies for pies!

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On The Void Is Staring Across You

This video that I mostly understood (without actually knowing science) is about the Higgs Bosun and it is the best! http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=1489

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On 515 Steps to a Better Life

All I want is for someone to teach me how to eat a mango properly. I love them but I always just sort of half peel them then eat them (blissfully) over the kitchen sink and then ask my roommate to turn on the sink so I can wash my hands because the mango juice gets up to my elbows. My way is fun, but I think there is a less messy way probably?

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On New Fairy Tales

@TattyEmu That sounds like the perfect idea I always wanted but didn't know until you told me I wanted it.

@maybe partying will help Yes! I love her she is great, and I agree about Spindle's End. I read that about once a year, it is one of my all time favorite books.

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On New Fairy Tales

Connected in that you said "fairy tales": everyone go read the comic book series Fables, by Bill Willingham! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fables_(comics)

Then come back and talk to me about it.

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On Choose a Favorite Child, for Your Health

The moral of my friend's family is: Have kids, then you can make the one who ends up staying close to home take care of your parents for you for the social benefit of the family. Preferably this child will be trying to leave to start her own career when things start to fall apart.

I mean, my friend's career.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Comics for the Radio

Esther! I got a tote (as a gift)! It arrived! It is the creeper-with-a dishtowel-cravat one, and I like it a lot. :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@The Lady of Shalott That is basically the premise of my last relationship... TWINSIES. Yes! It will be so much fun! I think knowing that you're leaving makes the new feeling of a relationship last a lot longer. Stuff that would irk me long term was ignored because of short term happiness. After you leave might not be so much fun, but. Fun now, sad later!

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