On Halloween Advent Calendar 2014: Estate Jewelry

Devil stickpin! http://www.wartski.com/Devil%20Stickpin.html These are awesome.

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On Yogurt Ghosts Laughing Alone With Salad on Their Heads

That last one is perfect! The mix of yogurt and lettuce gives me the shivers, but the artistry is undeniable.

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On How We Eat

@Claire Lovell Child food double takes are the most precious. This one, for example, never gets old...

Hmm, I inserted a gif, but that didn't work so here's the link: http://whatshouldwecallgradschool.tumblr.com/post/98745760076/when-someones-presentation-makes-no-sense

(not captioned by me)

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On Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

@chrysopoeia Aww yess. I might even be moved to purchase the things those commercials were selling.

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On Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

@Lisa Frank Then you'll love the update: "*Update: A publicist from Nickelodeon reached out to confirm that “yes, Clarissa was a HUGE hit, massive.”" http://flavorwire.com/480990/pete-pete-was-all-white-people-slimed-author-mathew-klickstein-on-why-ren-and-stimpy-was-better-than-clarissa-and-nickelodeons-diversity-problem [added at the very bottom]

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On Weekend Roundup and Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant Ok, mysteries of the universe: I got a notification for a comment and it hasn't appeared, but it was a request for the recipe, which I am happy to give.

It's a bunch of cloves of garlic. At least three, but honestly it was probably closer to six. Peeled and mashed, but it's gonna be blended, so don't worry about being thorough. And ginger, a healthy sized nubbin, peeled and chopped (haha, ok more work than I remembered, but you're basically done now). And 2 sweet potatoes, cut into chunks (not peeled tho). Put all that in a crock pot, pour in a carton of vegetable stock. Add a can of chiles in adobo sauce and several spoonfuls of chunky peanut butter. After it cooks for ages, blend it or mash up the sweet potatoes with a fork and stir well. That's the recipe. Bonus, the whole house smelled lovely.

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On Weekend Roundup and Open Thread

Also, if anyone wants to chat slowcooker, hit me up! I made sweet potato/peanut/chili in adobo sauce soup and it was so good that words cannot express. And the only actual work involved was chopping 3 small sweet potatoes into chunks. And I'm going to cut that down to 2 small sweet potatoes next time. Get a slowcooker everyone. Dooo it.

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On Weekend Roundup and Open Thread

Synchronicity! I had a wonderful bahn mi this weekend, and I've gotten a grater with the intention of grating all the vegetables and making sandwiches at home (speaking of cooking: my favorite types of cooking is basically assembling, so ... sandwiches).

And I'm so glad I clicked over to Jaya's article, because I thought I had read it, because I read this one earlier today ( http://the-toast.net/2013/10/21/five-stages-of-being-biracial/ ) earlier today [although now that I see the link date, I realize that was actually quite a while ago now that it was written]. Anywho, it was lovely and I look forward to having another article to read! It's absolutely true that my own understanding of being mixed got touched off by an article series (printed in a paper magazine, cause I'm olllld now) and it warms the cockles of my heart to see more stuff being written on the subject, because every article expressing that ??? of being mixed (from the article I linked above; it's brilliant) makes more room for others and their experiences.

Oh plus there's finally a cold front and I'm going to eat my weight in queso tonight. La vie est belle!

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On Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Be At Peace?

Yay!!! This is exactly what I wanted you to say, Baba. We're all bumbling around, destroying pristine stuff. Human condition, man.

ETA: Not that we can't make an effort, just that it's a process we're all contributing to (sprawl, etc).

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On Derek Jeter Saved My Family

I didn't expect to cry, but I did. That was lovely.

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