On Not Like Most Girls

@rhinoyouarebutwhatami You've made first contact!

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On A Weekend At The Last Abortion Clinic In McAllen, Texas

Thank you so much for writing this. It's so important to pay attention to this. Holding my breath for the 12th.

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On Dumb

Beautiful! And 'carte blanche' is a lovely name for a literary project. Neat work. :)

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On September Horoscopes From Galactic Rabbit

@yoblerg Oh god yes, I need my birthday 'scope.

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On The Godmother of the Fashion Mafia

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) For poetic justice, you have to flounce away on your yacht, like sail off into the sunset while giving him the finger.

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On Ask Baba Yaga: How Do I Find The Strength To Stay Open, Energized, And Authentic?

Dude, you have the chutzpah to move to a new place! That's no small thing. Best of luck with sorting out the remainder. :)

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On Hello Again.

Hi! Just catching up because I was in a cabin in the woods over the Labor day weekend, but wanted to say "Yay!" and "Welcome!" V. excited to have a fresh crew. :)

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On Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin's New Contributing Editor

@adriana Pupppyyyy!! Look at that crinkly little tongue.

@jazzloon Yay! That is so exciting! Now I can tell you directly that the interracial dating article linked above was super meaningful to me, and I sent it to my boyfriend and we had the 'things that are important to me to clarify before/if we ever have children' talk which was big and scary and totally necessary [neither of us is black, but also neither of us is white, and I'm mixed and he isn't, so it's a conversation that was going to have to happen eventually, but it was reaaaaally nice to have some talking points to get it started]. Also, that last line killed me and is why I am still, perhaps, not ready for kids.

Anyhoo, excited to see where the Hairpin is headed. If there could be more Billfold cross over, I would not complain... For example, everyone should be reading that 'how wizards do money' series; it's a gamechanger.

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On The Mountain Goats, "Sign of the Crow 2"

@Lucienne Seconded!

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On I Swear I'm Going to Be a Really Cool Bride

@heyderpette "I just wanna eat food with people and say HEY GUYS I LOVE YOU FOR BEING HERE!!!" 100% yes.

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