By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

This was such a good week at the Hairpin, and such a bad week everywhere else. I'm just going to get a blanket and a pillow and squat here until real life catches up.

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By Jazmine Hughes on "I Want You Back" Is Back

@Sa Ra@facebook I know you are spam but I will make an example out of you because YOU SOUND LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD ("ROLLING STONES WERE THE GREATEST!" "DYLAN WAS THE GREATEST!"), BUT NO, YOU ARE WRONG


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By chrysopoeia on Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

@chickpeas akimbo @Jazmine Hughes I am so sad I'm late to this party but I'd sit through the commercials for Daniel Henney Adjusts His Tie.

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By octagonfudge on Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

The last time I heard this argument, I was at a comics convention and two bros were arguing that Ridley's character in "Alien" was originally written for a man to play, and choosing a woman instead was arbitrary and unnecessary, and since it wasn't written especially for a woman, it didn't take advantage of "female traits" and so was a poor choice. I guess Ridley shoulda talked more about "having it all" and maybe there could have been a romantic lead to save the day instead? They were so smarmy and privileged and smug, I wanted to rip their faces off.

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By isabelle bleu on Weekend Roundup and Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant I will join you in singing the sweet, sweet praises of the slowcooker. I always doff mine under the sink for the summer months, and temporarily imagine myself the kind of person who will just eat crudités and gazpachos and pita chip for all time; but, come September, will slink back and *beg* its forgiveness with lashings of oxtail and bay leaf.

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By ru_ri on I'm Never Cooking Again (Not That I Ever Cooked Much to Begin With, So There's Been Very Little Change)

It must have started, I think, with cinnamon toast, around age eight. Hovering over our temperamental old toaster and pulling out the toast when it was the proper shade of brown, then spreading just the right amount of butter on the hot toast. Next, applying exactly the right amount of cinnamon sugar (already pre-mixed by me so that the ratio of cinnamon to sugar was correct)—enough that all available butter would be absorbed, with a little sugar to spare, but not so much as to overpower the other flavors or fall off the toast. Retreating to enjoy this perfect creation in solitary splendor, preferably over a book. This was the beginning of my life in cooking: manipulating food to satisfy my own tastes and none other.

I think the power of being able to cook is mischaracterized, or at least underestimated. In Sarah Miller’s essay, it’s presented as a means of gaining love or respect (see also: Engagement Chicken). And of course, this is doomed to failure, because, as the author rightly points out, some people just ain’t give a damn what they are eating or who made it. I feel so sorry for people who get trapped in this cooking paradigm: “Bob didn’t like my waffles! I have failed!” The truth is (if you like waffles), all this means is MORE FOR YOU.

The real power of cooking is this: when, as a young (female) person, you have little control over what happens to you, when friends, parents, and teachers lie to you and cause havoc in your life to suit their own needs, at the very least you can assure yourself of eating something that you know you will like, without having to rely on anyone else. That is why I began cooking, and often why I still cook. When I am upset, or I’m having trouble finding a solution to a problem, I find myself in the kitchen. I can’t do much about the computer breakdown or my boss’s inexplicable temper tantrum, but I damn sure can make a righteous apple pie.

Look, if you don’t want to cook, don’t cook! In no way does this reflect poorly on your worth as a wife or a woman or a person in general; likewise, the ease with which I cook doesn’t make me a better human. But please don’t assume that cooking is fraught with the same associations for me as is for you. And don’t assume that all women who cook are doing it as a performance of gender expectations. My hands, which yesterday made a near-perfect pie crust, can also knock a person out, or break their joints, or wield a sword that will cut them in half. They can rebuild a carburetor (an obsolete achievement these days) or weld a piece of steel. I generally make people nervous. But if I like them, they can share my food.

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By Kevan Laxalt@facebook on An Unofficial Ranking of Some of the Boyz II Men Mid-Song Monologues

Enclench! LAWL!
"To take any problem that you may have or have had or will have or...has?"
This whole thing takes me back to my 5th grade talent show where the "cool guys" lip-synced to End of the Road in white tank tops to swooning 11 year old girls. My mom was in the audience laughing and she had brought her coke in a Budweiser coozie so my classmates suspected she was drunk. Fun times.

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Weekend Round Up / Open Thread

I changed my demeanor at work for a very important meeting, and actually spoke up and voiced my negative opinions, so that was pretty therapeutic!
Um, I bought some comic books and will start reading them soon - does that count as a change?
I'm not sure what other changes I really made, but I've made a few decisions that will likely lead to concrete changes in the coming weeks. (Should I get highlights, though? Yeah, I guess I should.)

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By Lucienne on Weekend Round Up / Open Thread

I'm always listening to "Sound and Vision," myself.

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They remind me of two mildly anxious but weirdly endearing Afghan hounds.

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