By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Weekend Roundup

Michelle, Meredith, (and two weeks, Haley), let's be friends.

I mean, Michelle, you were already p cool and all, but like, Gwen Stefani and Eve just cemented that. It is # 1 though 5 of 5 Things I Liked This Week.

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By Pariah Carey on Ask a Fancy Person: Talking About Military Service, Finding Goodbye Gifts, Being the Broke Friend at the Wedding

We had a wedding with about 90 guests. A handful of them gave gifts, but most gave cards. Some of the cards had checks in them; some had cash; some just had well-wishes, no money.

It's less than one year since our wedding, and I honestly cannot remember which guests gave money and which didn't. These are the people who love us and who came to eat and drink and smile and cry and dance with us. Any gift on top of that one was just icing.

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By deathcabforcutes on Apologia

I always cry when I'm having a difficult conversation. I started seeing a counselor for my "communication issues" because the *way* I said something would take away from what I was actually saying. My counselor told me that I should start these conversations with the disclaimer, "I need to talk to you about something, but I will probably start crying. It is involuntary, so please don't let it distract you from what I'm trying to say." My relationships and communication have improved since I started these sessions, but I can tell you that I hate how crying is often seen as a sign of weakness instead of an indication of how much you care.

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By olivetree on Ask Baba Yaga: What to Do About the Fact That I'm a Huge Shithead?

thank you, baba. bless those who love us anyway even as we are so small

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By heyderpette on I Swear I'm Going to Be a Really Cool Bride

Oh god, this is too real. I have "laidback bride" experiences in my back pocket. Bride #1 actually was laidback and cool, only her other bridesmaids decided to make up for her lack of bridezillaness. Bride #2 isn't bad, but she did make me buy a dress that I'll never wear again and really wants these big exciting bachelorette weekend thingies that I just. can't. afford. Bride #3, my dear best friend, is planning her wedding from across the country and has all these expectations on dresses and one bridesmaid (who is actually Bride #2, fun fact) is like "she's totally a bridezilla!!!" and I'm kinda sad to say that she sort of is being one a little bit. B#3 is just going to want everything to be perfect. And so many things are going to go wrong. I hope she'll be ok with that.

ANYWAY I really will be a cool laidback bride because if I marry the dude I'm seeing (which I hope I do) he's planning the affair because he's the one who actually cares. I just wanna eat food with people and say HEY GUYS I LOVE YOU FOR BEING HERE!!! I don't want showers or bachelorette parties or limos or matching dresses and honestly I just don't care that much about colour schemes anyways. And rings? I don't want a single ring on my person ever. I lose that shit.

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By Jaya on I Swear I'm Going to Be a Really Cool Bride

I just got married and tried so hard to be the laid back bride and OH GOD IT'S TOO REAL

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By Chareth Cutestory on The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines

I was a little too young for Sassy during its heyday (which I regret - I know I would have absolutely loved it), but I LOVED YM. It was like my Rookie, back in the day.

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By bitzyboozer on The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines

I had a tumultuous relationship with Sassy over the years but man do I regret not keeping all my back issues now.

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By DoMark on Weekend Roundup

One huge awesome amazing thing I liked this week:
Last day of work at the job I have been wanting to leave for the last year!! Also everyone being super nice and hopeful about my next step, which makes me feel warm and good.

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By Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) on Weekend Roundup

pretty ballerinas!! If I had a Pinterest, I would put that on my wedding Pinterest-folder-hearts-thing.

Five Things I Liked This Week:
1. the Trends Men Hate piece was pretty great. Will definitely read again.
2. Making 30 Rock references after LeBron James' big announcement. I don't know much else about Cleveland.
3. Writing to an airline to tell them about the awesome gate agent who rebooked a flight I missed and pretty much saved my day.
4. Oil free moisturizer
5. Thinking that maybe I might have the self-confidence to start job hunting again.

What did you like this week, everyone?

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