On Weekend Roundup

@DoMark Yay for escaping that job! :)

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On Weekend Roundup

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) p.s. thanks for keeping hope alive via the five things. I like having a chance to reflect on the best parts of the week.

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On Weekend Roundup

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) This week was a roller coaster but there were definitely some good bits:

1. The place I volunteer needed a few extra hands for a cool project, so I got to do something new (that I can hopefully do more of in the future).
2. Re-watching Gentleman's Dignity, re-living the swoons.
3. Halfway though summer classes!
4. Bicycling despite the heat like a warrior.
5. Hmm, am stuck for a fifth thing. But still overall a good, if stressful week.

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On OK, Cupid?

@ru_ri Totally, my reading of that sentence (because I also like winter) should've been accompanied by a little sad trombone when I got to the Trojan War part. Still 2/3 of a success deserves some credit.

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On OK, Cupid?

Love this! And bay leaves are a boon to humanity, so perhaps that one did work out in the long run.

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On Weekend Roundup

Congrats on your ed-in-chief spot! And congrats to Jia on the novel! My week was not even in the same galaxy of productive, but c'est la vie and at least it's finished.

Oh and for once I have a sportssportssports thing to say which is that I'm loooooving soccer (cause I gave up football watching out of concern about concussions, injuries, etc. and have been dying for something fun and tactical to watch).

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On A Character Study of the Trainwreck

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Totally agreed. It's like a dude where's my car counterpoint: ladies, not born responsible beings who love to pick up other peoples socks, but perhaps also disorganized pothead/boozers. It's not glowingly positive, but hell I definitely had a hot mess patch and it's fun to see that portrayed as not the very end of the world. There's also a bit of escapism, too. Like man, I haven't gotten wasted and crashed a wedding (or any other event) but it's a tiny bit tempting to imagine being that unrestrained and irresponsible. Kristen Wiig. Living the life (so that we don't have to).

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On Hillary Clinton, Do Not Feel Guilty About Your Pleasures

I'm all for tautology: maybe we could just call the pleasurable pleasures and be done.

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On Weekend Roundup

@Onymous I think the transition this year was really brutal. At first all the moisture was like a gift: some beautiful t-storms, and then relative cool. And then, ugggghhhh nooo. Mother nature giveth and mother nature taketh away.

More power to you cranking it out in an un-air-conditioned space. That's officially hardcore.

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On Weekend Roundup

@PennyCentury June Gloom! That is the name for what I am feeling, for sure. I love the galactic rabbit because it stares into my soul and gives me a little shake, but it's so damn sweet even when breaking some bad news.

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