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By yeah-elle on Friday Open Thread

@[sic] hijacking this to say: @funfetti! paging @funfetti! i have your mix, i just need to take it to the darn post office! i will soon, i promise.

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By harebell on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Emma Carmichael

I appreciate all your good efforts, I do. But this comment is disheartening. This was never "a space where we all agree about everything," and I don't think anyone is seriously asking for that.

It was a space with smart, well-researched articles and personal pieces and offbeat humor that took women seriously as full human beings with a range of interests, *not* people only interested in women's issues.

I think people are seeing lightweight content and content that seems to value or take as the norm silliness, ditziness, lack of understanding, in women. That, plus all the boring celebrity blah-blah. And the snarky Jezebel tone of voice in science articles. It's just depressing. Those things all over the web already, you know? For me, it feels like the target audience is suddenly 25-and-unders, too, not the whole range of women out there.

Sorry if you didn't want more comments about this in the comment space. But the conversation is already happening here, and perhaps that is a good thing actually.

Anyway. I won't voice criticisms in the comments again. Be well.

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By Miss Maszkerádi on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Mariajoseh de-lurking to completely agree with you. It hasn't been till today that I've really put my finger on what's been disappointing me about the Pin lately: the content used to be, overall, Go forth ye ladies and be awesome, smart, funny and beautiful, and to hell with anyone who tries to keep you down. Now it feels more like, Look at all these horrible ways society is horrible to everyone but especially to you as a woman, and by the way here are some lists of things that make me unhappy. I get that pointing out societal ills is important, but there used to be such joie de vivre here and I miss it.

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By RNL on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Emma Carmichael Emma, and I mean this in a genuinely curious, not snarky way:

I understand you take aspersions like "Hairpin is becoming like Thought Catalogue" seriously.

But people also keep complaining about something else, and the complaint is crystalizing, and that complaint is that the content on this site has somehow begun to feel trivializing instead of celebratory of women. But I don't see you inviting emails on that topic. Maybe I am missing something, and if so I apologize.

I also think people here want to discuss these things in the comments, because it is a community, and we thrive on each other's ideas and responses to things.

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By eringobragh on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

hairpin, why have you devolved into thought catalog? why are you making me sad?

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By hahahaha, ja. on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@adorable-eggplant: yeah, it's true, I guess nothing's out there, except THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE /explosion noises

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By hahahaha, ja. on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

:( :( :( :( I am sad because I think space is awesome. I guess we're not doing a good enough PR job if people think it's boring.

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By zamboni on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

:/ :/ :/

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By melmuu on How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

When did Hairpin commenters get so judgey? (sp?) I thought this story was great! When I'm faced with the prospect of moving or installing something very heavy, I usually think of the men in my life who have more body mass, therefore are usually more equipped (or maybe I should say more willing!) to lift/install heavier things, and if I had any lady friends with their body mass, I'd think of them, too. I don't think this author's impulses were in the wrong at all, and she installed the freaking thing all by herself! Sheesh.

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By Lucienne on How Many Words Could You Read Aloud While Climaxing?

@iceberg Oh, sorry, I wasn't clear. I totally get and support the critical reaction to this, but there is also a separate sort of reactionary . . . I'm not sure of the exact word - heteronormativity? But in a macro-macro-macro way. Some of the comments are giving me the same feeling I get when I read an article about the dangers of hookup culture.

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