i wish it would dm me on twitter when i someone replies but alas

On The Most Beautiful Thing on the Internet


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On Friday Open Thread

@[sic] yes, totally. not moving until thanksgiving now =)

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On Friday Open Thread

@LilRedCorvette I've ordered it at my local fancy cocktail hangout, but I had to explain it to the bartender. He (and his manager) loved it and added a version with baked apple bitters to the chalkboard.

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On Friday Open Thread

I am off work early (thank the lord, because it has been a STUPID week) and I am currently drinking a Stone Fence:

1 part rye whiskey (or dark spiced rum)
3 parts hard cider

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On Friday Open Thread

@[sic] hey no worries! yours is BURNING AS I TYPE. also, can you mail it to the first address instead? i haven't moved quite yet xoxo

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On Eat, Pray, Love, Win

@lucy snowe They are to some extent, but it is certainly not as bad as the hate for chick lit. For instance, the Tom Clancy-esque books fall under "airport fiction" - notice that it's a non-gendered term - and people refer to them as "guilty pleasures" as opposed to vomiting at the mere mention or whatever people do to show their disdain.

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On Friday Open Thread

things that happened to me this week: i broke up with my boyfriend (we live together... still) and then i made a gif of jj feild from the austenland trailer to... cope?

yep ok.

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On Friday Open Thread

Requesting your favorite romantic media, please! Cheesy, cheeky, happy or sad... books, movies, wikipedia entries. It can be the main point or a sub plot or whatevs.

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On The Crossword Puzzle: Where'd The Women Go?

@Lu2 I totally second loving Ben's crosswords. They're funny and sweet and all around excellent. Plus I love his wacky valedictions ("God's hooks," being a recent favorite) with his Inkwell emails.

In other xword news, I'm up to solving NYT Thursdays with only one or two wikipedia peeks.

Excellent article! Maybe someone will construct a Hairpin puzzle one day.

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On CL, "나쁜 기집애 (The Baddest Female)"

I NEED that unnie knuckle bling.

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