On Stevie Nicks, "The Dealer"

Oh good, a Stevie Nicks-related post. Seems like a good place to ask this. So, I live in Phoenix, as does Stevie, at least part of the year. I was in a local Trader Joe's parking lot a few months ago and I saw a car with a license plate that said StviNks or something very close to that. Here's the question that's been haunting me ever since: could that have been Stevie Nicks herself? Would she drive around with that on her car? Or is that some sort of superfan who has that as a license plate? And if it's a fan, wouldn't that be pretty weird, if you were Stevie, to see that on someone's car?

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On 30 Minutes with Christina Angela

Here are a few disjointed thoughts I have about the communication barrier and the lack of an interpreter for this interview. I'm offering these thoughts because 1) I love this discussion and 3) am grateful to Mollpants, TN, klemay, everyone who's bringing up excellent points and 3) I've been reading the Hairpin every day for quite awhile and miss the robust comment sections and so should really start contributing rather than just consuming. So here goes:

Maybe the lack of an interpreter and the overall communication barrier can be read as a metaphor and therefore enrich our reading of the essay a bit (even thought it's actually probably due to lack of money or foresight)? The author shares his experience of being dehumanized, pointed at and disparaged and tries to tie it to Christina Angela's experience behind the glass by going behind the glass and into a room with her. But, the barriers are still there - language barriers but also their gendered experiences, their sexuality, their economic situations, their nationalities. And so Matt Siegel, gay American man abroad in Amsterdam with 35 euros to exchange for time, can only get to "hear" Christina Angela's perspective at this level of fragmented discourse. This is sort of at the heart of all interviews, in a way, isn't it?

I definitely don't mean to excuse the lack of first-person narratives from sex workers in our society. We need to hear more stories from people who are more often talked about and over.

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On Running Blind

My grandparents from both my mom and dad's sides are buried in Calvary (except for the one that's still kicking). There's a great view of the skyline. I think they wanted to be in Gates of Heaven but couldn't get a plot (people were dying to get in...badum). I'd like to be buried in Calvary one day too but when my grandparents were purchasing plots they apparently weren't thinking that far ahead.

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On A Brief History of Getting Yelled At

"Everyone else heard the directions." Ugh, that brings back some bad memories. I was constantly getting yelled at by teachers for not listening to directions, but for really small or imagined infractions - like not writing my name on the top of the workbook page. It was just so NOT necessary to yell about that. My mind still boggles as to how an adult could get so angry at a child for something so minor.
Oh, and I feel the same self-conscious about yelling at other people, even when I'm actually angry. Like it's all a performance and I'm hoping I'm convincing the other person of my authentic anger.

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On Which Name Is Weirder, Saxby Chambliss or Barkevious Mingo? The Answer May Tell You Whether or Not You're Racist

@entangled "No child of mine is ever going to be named Seven!"

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On Today's Bleak Read

@commanderbanana Seriously. So Calvin Eason was arrested and got 20 months probation for stealing a rental car, but no one in this story gets charged with child endangerment, trafficking, kidnapping, or neglect? I just don't know what to do with this information in this article.

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On Friday Open Thread

@martinipie I feel like this might not be exactly what you are looking for, but I HIGHLY recommend the Alabama Shakes.

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On Every Dating Problem, Solved: An Interview With Chiara Atik

@Briony Fields I once went to watch bats come out of their cave at sunset. It was fun! You might not be able to do this if you don't live near bats, though. Also, it depends on the time of year.

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On Name That Book!

@Ellie Yes, Bruno and Boots! I read all of those, and I'm from the US too. The Line of Scrimmage! Some sort of plot involving fried zucchinis! I really loved those.

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On Name That Book!

@melmuu Oh I read this one! But I can't think of the name (sorry I'm no help).

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