I'm a girl who can't sit still.

By muddgirl on Remembering Lilith: Jewel

or maybe just edgy to a certain swath of teenage/early 20s girls who hadn’t yet put together that liking philosophy and cigarettes is not the same thing as being a person of integrity and curiosity? Like I’m just wondering what my MOM was thinking of all this earnest, wrongheaded projection.

Isn't that what "Foolish Games" is about, though? How Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites will tear Winona Rider apart, as it were? I didn't think the chorus could be any clearer.

Besides that, I am really digging the fact that we can get all nostalgic and critical about shit from my childhood. I owned both Pieces of You and Jagged Little Pill on CD, and I played them both until the deteriorated. I might still have them in my CD case that I haven't opened in like 5 years. I always saw them as two sides to the same post-feminist Ur-Woman - despite Morisette's more aggressive tone, the topic of all her songs is pretty much the same as Jewel's songs.

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By hallelujah on Diamonds for Lunch

I am such a diamond scrooge. Grump grump BLOOD DIAMONDS grump FALSE SCARCITY grump COLORED STONES ARE PRETTIER ANYWAYS LOOK AT THIS OPAL grump grump.

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By iceberg on Bake-at-Home Babies: Embryo Adoption and Me

EEEEEEEEEEEEE except no one will read it because GoT hotties. Hahaha.

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By EmilyStarr on Bless Us, Every One

My favorite part: "my friends will be confused." I just imagine a bunch of older ladies receiving this invitation and looking around in disbelief, not knowing who this person, with the SAME NAME as them is and why they're getting mail at this address. If your friends are confused by this... they may have larger confusion issues at play here.

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By Snowy Owl Love Killer on Name That Book!

@Steph Eva by Peter Dickinson

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By C_Webb on Name That Book!

I want to post books I already know SO THAT THIS GOES ON FOREVER.

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By anachronistique on Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

@muddgirl I always felt the real message was both that and the line right before: "To love another person is to see the face of God."

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By allofthewine on Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

"My husband later said that he wished there was a service where you could rent me out to other husbands for their wedding days, because I looked like the perfect bride walking down the aisle. That's all I needed to hear to know I'd made the right choices."

swoon x 1000 <3<3<3

ps- your wedding hair and make up is basically my dream hair and makeup.
pps- Are you going to write more about your wedding? Inquiring minds, etc.

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By Shayna on The Jellyfish 4-Ever

@Fitzsimmons I can't wait, but I'm also dreading it. Amanda Seyfried never impressed me in Mamma Mia... but then lets be honest, no one likes Cosette that much anyways.

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By Jodi on Eating Good Cheap Food

@Steph Yay! Having eaten with you before I can attest to your enthusiasm for eats. Come join me in Saigon!

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