On "Shriveled Dead Things"

@Daisy Razor I was about to post this very same thing. One of the best episodes, for so many reasons.

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On Farewell, Jane

I'm going to just send random messages to my fellow hairpin friends that read "JANE!" in memory now.

This is just the saddest, but I assume amazing things are lined up, so best of luck!

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On Dear Internet,

I don't care what anyone says, LDR forever and ever amen.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

@Ophelia @rosaline That's a whole post. I work in a strange place. I'm just a designer. I really WISH I was a plainclothes policeman though.

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On Beauty Q&A: Miss Fancy Pants Goes to Work

I am currently working in an office where it is actually against the rules to dress up or look formal at all. Or wear black (which is 95% of my closet). Seems stupid, but you cannot imagine how bummed out this makes me on a daily basis. LW1: Wear those pencil skirts for both of us?

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On Boyfriends' Mothers, "Compassion," and Les Misérables

Reading this post really bummed me out (seriously, dude and lady?!), but reading the comments has redeemed my faith in The Hairpin. *blows kisses to everyone*

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On Beauty Q&A: Cheap Creams, Jeans, and Long Hair Dreams

I have hips and Joe's Honey jeans have been amazing for me. They're pretty straight leg, and they actually curve back in at the top to prevent the mooning! The tricky part is that it's better to buy them a little snug - which makes them gappy - so it's intimidating in the dressing room.

Related: I'd rather shop for bathing suits a million times before I had to shop for jeans once. Ugh. I feel your pain.

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On “So, this is your job?”

I had to do the editing for a nursing home marketing video (jealous yet?) and I had to sit through the cheaper version of Killer Tracks so I could say nothing there worked for us. I was finally "allowed" on Killer Tracks and felt like it was easily the best excuse to drink at work.

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On Smoking Alternatives, Troubled Parents, and the Unappealing Business Trip

@frenz.lo I try to hit the gross/violent named players the hardest...just saying.

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On Smoking Alternatives, Troubled Parents, and the Unappealing Business Trip

I just started derby and the name was so hard to choose. My advice? Give it some time and see what nicknames happen. There are some really amazing nicknames that just happen in practices and on bus rides, and if you're just starting you have some time.

Also worth considering (major!) is what the name will be shortened to. My derby wife was going to go with Kill Joy and we realized she might have been Joy for short and that does not match her at all.

I was so bummed that Apocalipstick was taken, and I offer you Lady Mary Brawley. Good luck!

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