On Finance 101: I Need a Puppy

1 - I have been dying to get a dog for, like, my whole life. A friend of mine who has two Spaniels told me that if/when I ever decide to buy/adopt a dog, I should open a savings account just for pet expenses and always have at least $2K stashed away just in case. That is $2K on top of the estimated, reoccurring costs associated with having a pet. I thought that was pretty good advice.

Dogs are great, but they cost money! Will you need a daily dog walker? Day care? Obedience classes? Grooming? What if your dog is a picky eater or has digestive issues and can only eat a certain, expensive brand of food? What if your dog needs emergency care? Can your finances handle an potentially large, unexpected expense?

Unfortunately, I can't swing the cost right now, so, no doggie for me. BUT! I recently started volunteering at a local animal shelter. I get to spend about six hours a month hanging out with a lot of dogs without having to pay for their care. It's a nice, rewarding way to feed my puppy love.

Anyway, I am glad you thinking about the long-term cost before actually getting a dog. Sadly, a lot of people don't, and they end up at my shelter.

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@gfrancie He wasn't negging. This is typical drunk, "nice guy" bullshit with a bizarre, racial twist. If he was trying to neg her,he would have said something like "Hey, can a white guy buy you a drink? I know you're probably not used to having any guys buying you drinks! Ha ha!"

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On "If I could go back again, I think I’d try … not going to college"

@cliuless I know several people who took out more student loans than they actually needed to pay off credit card debt. Unfortunately for these same people, having that extra money to pay off old balances resulted in the accumulation of more credit card debt, which led to even more loans.

My friend's brother used his student loan money to buy a car. He definitely needed one where he was, but he bought a very nice, new car when a used Civic for 3K would have done just fine.

Teenagers+no financial education+believing that student loans are "good" debt = Trouble

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On It's so Easy to Lose Count

I am in love with myself. Does that count?

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On Sleep Habits, Finding a Therapist, and Men Who "Make an Effort"

@jenbing@twitter Yes! It is so important to remember that therapy is not one size fits all. A friend of mine saw the same therapist for years but felt like she wasn't getting anything out of it. She kept going because some coworkers were patients and had good things to say.

I think my therapist is the bomb and I always recommend her if someone asks, but just because she is perfect for me doesn't mean she is perfect for everyone. IMO, the sign of a good therapist is one who will let a new patient know this upfront and not make a new patient feel obligated to return.

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On Smoking: The Pros and Cons (Excluding All Health Risks)

@batgirl Oh, goodness, yes. It's better than anything else in the world. My one cigarette of the day is the one I have when I get home from the gym or a run. It is sublime. It also means that I have to work out every gd day.

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On Models: Skinny, Poor

@DorothyMantooth And all those travel and housing costs add up quick. There are plenty of young, not-famous models who end up in debt to their agencies because of this.

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On Marriage, the Word "Queer," and "Is My Boyfriend Gay?"

@FoxyRoxy Yup. The letter writer is only 22 and was with this guy for four years. This was her first major relationship, her first love.

I've never dated a guy who I thought was in the closet, but I can relate to being young and in love, but having certain, key things about a relationship being really off. It doesn't help if the people close to you are saying that your feelings/concerns are not valid and that you will NEVER!!! find anyone as good as the current partner.

Anyway, I think the advice is spot on. Ex-boyfriend may or may not be gay, but the relationship clearly caused the writer a lot of anguish and misery. That is more than enough reason to GTFO.

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On What Was The Get Him System, Anyway?

"Don’t be afraid to open your mouth wide and explore with your tongue." This doesn't sound like good kissing advice to me at all, unless "kissing" is really code for "blow job."

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On The Best Time I Made a Celebrity Think I Was a Moron

I met Dave Grohl at some party years ago.
Good part: He was extremely friendly and funny.
Bad part: I was so excited about meeting DG that I didn't realize I that was standing on his wife's foot for at least a full minute.

I apologized profusely and hid in a corner for about a half hour. When I told my friend about it later, he was like "Oh, stuff like that happens to her all the time!" which made me feel like an even bigger ass. Sorry, Mrs. Grohl!

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