On Women in Pencil Skirts, Co-Ed Classrooms: Photos from "Once Upon a Time in Afghanistan"


"While the U.S. military can produce receipts for bombs and bullets bought in America, the Afghan government struggles to do the same for vaccines dispensed in remote rural clinics. Thus, from a government auditor's perspective, it is riskier to give Afghan citizens health care than to shoot their insurgents."

Ugh on the one hand, the US wants to prevent corruption so I understand SIGAR's perspective. On the other hand...

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On A Visualization of the Government Shutdown

@nyikint Wow Hagel, not Panetta!! Oops!

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On Advice From a Mom

I love that she keeps bringing this up:

"You can never judge a child or a victim of any crime on what they should have done, because you weren't there and you don't know and you have no right just to sit in your armchair at home and say 'Well, why didn't you escape? Why didn't you do this?' I mean, they just don't know. That's wrong."

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On A Visualization of the Government Shutdown

1. Gotta appreciate Leon Panetta's FU to the shutdown by bringing back many civ Pentagon employees.

2. Argh, at least in the DC area, DV shelters have already been struggling to stay open.

3. Man, the Repubs better not fail to extend the debt limit later this month.

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On An Open Letter to Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan

@Mira Was this conference in Thailand, by any chance?

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On Reasons Why We Act Different Around Drake Even Though We're Good Girls and He Knows It

This reminds me of this piece: http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2012-04-20/opinions/35454516_1_aggregation-web-links-international-stories

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On An Open Letter to Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan

@Quinn A@twitter It seems like the author has chosen self-awareness at the expense of sincerity, but there's gotta be a way to be both.

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On An Open Letter to Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan

So the thesis is that student activism is useless because of short collective attention spans? And that those involved are self-serving hypocrites?

Or is it that because colleges are by nature, full of transient populations, there needs to be a way to maintain the institutional legacy of student groups so that their causes don't just fizzle out?

Or is it an awareness campaign? If so, there have been some seemingly cool campaigns on IndieGogo (most of which are longer open) to build infrastructure in Sudan and South Sudan. I can't vouch for their efficacy.

I think this also might be an opportunity to talk about ways to be most effective in international development on an individual level. If not college activism, then what?

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On A Poem by Kofi Awoonor, the Ghanaian Poet and Diplomat Killed in This Weekend's Terrorist Attack in Nairobi

Thanks for posting this, Jia

The sum of the toll is so much more than 68 deaths and this really drives that home.

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On The Stereotype Pie

@hussified wheel? gear? seat? ..helmet??

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