On The 1961 Birth of Negging, as Seen in "Go, Dog. Go!"

The first book I ever read on my own!

Maybe this is why I've spent so much time dating assholes.

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On Paying Your Share and When You Can't

@smartastic Yeah this letter is giving me PTSD-- I had a similar-but-different situation happen (at an Oscar party, brought snacks and booze but couldn't afford to do the pool, tried to bow out quietly but was harangued about it until I had to confess the extent of my poverty) and was shamed so hard and so publicly that I lost a group of friends over it. I understand a bit of what this lady is worried about. Later she'll realize that she might be better off without friends who would judge her for such an admission

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On Leaving Westboro Baptist: An Interview

MEANWHILE did you guys see her dad was in Vice talking about loving Jennifer Lawrence? I never would have given it a second look if I hadn't just read this interview!

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On [Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

Don't worry-- 3 months from now, when you've already got a lease signed in the new city and a bunch of job leads there, you'll start banging some guy in your current city that you've always wanted to get together with (but didn't bc you/he/someone had commitment/motivation issues.) Next thing you know, you will totally be over New City Boyfriend and living in New City pining for Old City guy.

At least that's what always happens to me.

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On Scandinavian Alt-Pop Re-Up

Thank you for giving me a reason to stop listening to "Do You Love Me Now? Jr." over and over today.

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On A Week of Maritime Excitement

I would like to add to the week of Maritime Excitement, this piece of local news from my hometown: Lobster Boat Missing During Blizzard, Found

This is how I learned that some boat drifted all the way from Nantucket to Spain

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On Goats Screaming Like Humans

@Dirty Hands Thank you. I keep seeing this re-posted and am like "Why is nobody else mentioning that some of those goats are sheep? Am I the only one who sees that? If I mention it does that mean I'm a jerk?"

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On All About Butts

The most derisive comment they could come up with about Nancy Reagan was a Mission of Burma lyric???

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On Cancel Your Plans For the Day

I already wasted my Friday afternoon on these, so I can just save everyone some time and let you all know: The Chocolate Fever girl is the best one.

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On Get On That Catamaran At Once

@Emmanuelle Cunt Yes reading about that really takes Kinski from the realm of "Ha Ha, KLAUS! So CRAZY! What a MANIAC!" into the realm of actual Crazy Maniac.

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