On An 84-Year-Old Sends Her First Text Message

I think this is one of the best things I've ever read on the Internet.

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On The Gorgeous Clown

First time, I saw Monica Lewinsky. That was weird.

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On Frustrating Breakups, Jobs, and Hairstyles

@bessmarvin a good way to network is to join a professional organization and then get active: go to the luncheons/events, join a committee, join the board. You will meet a lot of people in your industry, and you will actually become friends with a lot of them, and then when they know of an opportunity, they will probably think of you.

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On Finance 101: Debit Cards, Weddings, and Peaceful New Careers

Also I am going to sound like a biatch here and say that if you are wondering if $5k is too much to spend on a dress, you probably can't afford it.

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On Finance 101: Debit Cards, Weddings, and Peaceful New Careers

LW3, do you have to quit your job to get the certification? I would start by getting certified, and teaching part-time in the evenings. I know someone who still has an office job and is a co-owner of a Yoga studio. I think it is possible to make this a slow transition, instead of all-out quitting your job and being without a steady paycheck for months. Self-employment is scary and it's a lot of work, and it may be better to test the waters in the evenings or weekends while still keeping your day job if it's possible.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry Basics

@phlox Also, never use dryer sheets with moisture-wicking clothes. Same principle, it will coat the fabric and won't let it do its thing. I have given up dryer sheets and now use a tennis ball. Seems to work.

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On I Only Took the Test to See What the Questions Were

Really? I know that much about the crazies? I guess I am sort of paying attention after all.

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On Welcome, Rookie!

As a Panamanian and lover of "Sigue Bailando Mi Amor" I just had to come here and squee at that little footnote. How does The Hairpin know about our obscure reggae artists?

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