On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Katharine Hepburn's Trousers

I think KH's dad was a urologist, not oncologist.

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On Girls on Tape

@simone eastbro Yes, the writing track.

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On Girls on Tape

Also, I think the Transom instructor is Rob Rosenthal, who is the man. Promise. He used to work at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, which is in Portland, ME, and another way for aspiring Ira Glasses to learn radio basics.

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On Things You Probably Won't Hear Me Say

Can't we just listen to the "High School Musical" soundtrack one more time?

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On Have Some Nuts

@Edith Zimmerman It's been sitting on my shelf for a couple months, and I'm scared enough that I put it off by reading a book about physics. Did I mention I fulfilled my college's science requirement with psychology?

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On Tips on Surviving Your Cancer

I'm almost done getting treated for my own brush with cancer stuff and, even though didn't need chemo, lots of this rang true. Another great TV show—a few friends pooled and bought me the box set—is Black Books, this British comedy from like 2004. I watched a marathon while recovering from surgery.

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On The Best Time I Made a Celebrity Think I Was a Moron

@Kira Same here! Everyone thinks there's an E in my name someplace.

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