On Best D.C. Metro Stations to Name a Baby After

@themegnapkin Wait. What? Muddy Branch runs perpendicular to Mid-County Hwy and they don't intersect. (p.s. I too am old enough to remember that Rosslyn joke! Hah!)

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On "Sitting to Death"

@OhMarie I am very lucky that my company bought me this:

It's not THAT expensive and it allows me to alternate between standing and sitting as often as I like.

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On Save the Date*

BFF was supposed to get married on base, then 9/11 so the base was a no go as venue two weeks before the wedding. She got married at a fire station. It was lovely!

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On "Something of a desperate housewife" with "something like a sickness"

"My husband has a teeny"....what? Missed that part. Also, "this doesn't take away from my marriage, like, at all". Uh, ok Jimmy Fallon/Adam Corolla/Jimmy Kimmel stalker!

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On Answers to "What's That Thing on Your Baby's Head?"

@Nicole Cliffe I was born with a huge hemangioma on the top of my head. It grossed out my mother so there are no pictures of me as an infant. She wanted it removed immediately, but a doctor told her she'd have to wait until I was a year old for that. So the day after I turned one I was trucked straight over to the hospital to have it removed. Problem was, this was the day of JFK's funeral and the hospital was on a skeleton staff so my father was pressed into service to hold me down while they removed it. One slice later with blood everywhere my dad passed out. My dad loves this story. I still have a large dent where the hemangioma used to be that aches when it rains, freaks out hair washer girls, and is referred to as my "ugh" by my sister.

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On Answers to "What's That Thing on Your Baby's Head?"

Is it a hemangioma? Pleeeasse say it's a hemangioma so your daughter and I can bond over freaking out the hair washing lady at the hairdresser.

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On This is a Safe Space to Talk About Your Dissertation

I absolutely hated my dissertation topic but it was the only one my advisor approved (I wrote 11 proposals trying to get out of this topic, that's how much I hated it). After it was done I never looked at it again. If you bet me $100 that I could not remember the title you would win $100. The only part of it I liked was the Acknowledgments page.

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On This is a Safe Space to Talk About Your Dissertation

@OwlOfDerision I got a t-shirt that said "That's Dr. HelloTitty to you!" and wore it to my PhD celebration party. Feel free to steal!

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On Coworking From Afar

@stuffisthings Ummm...yes, of course that's right. Skkyyyyppppeeee.

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On Coworking From Afar

FaceTime is now at the core of 75% of my relationships. I see my sister every day now; 7pm my time, midnight her time. We actually have a relationship now. Last night I FT'd with my BFF while we made dinner in our respective kitchens. "That burger looks good!" "Those pork chops look good!" "Don't let your cat lick the can in the sink, she'll cut her tongue!" Even my Mom videochats with me and she lives 20 minutes away.

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