On Friday Bargain Bin: Come Fly With Me

@Edith Zimmerman I as well love to fly. You folks just need to relax. geeez.. It also helps to upgrade...much more comfy.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Home Décor

I cannot find my Kitchen Aid red toaster...been looking for three months! I will die if it doesn't turn up soon! My first high-end kitchen goody and a gift from my daughter boo hoo...

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On How to Deliver a Baby Without Pain Meds If You're Not a Spiritual Person But Are Really Geeky

Twenty-five years ago; midwifery and doulas were not around. I had a lovely OB/GYN who saw me early in the day and said he would see me later that night; and he did! She arrived five weeks early (after three weeks of bedrest) back labour, pooping and a grateful shot of Demoral to allow some rest during really hard contractions; a total of six hours! You didn't have; (or do, epidurals)...I think they're for chicken shits, personally. I watched "The Business of Birthing" last year; I would never let that beast near me or any of my child birth-aged friends!! She has dropped women off at St. Vincent's (when it was open) when the going got tough. Just find what is right for you and please don't listen to your friends stories; causes more harm than good. Yes, it hurts, but the pain magically disappears when they put the lovely bundle into your awaiting arms. Good luck, enjoy the experience. And what an endearing article.

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On How to Sleep on a Plane, or BYOB, Bring Your Own Blanket

Wow! More happy traveling tips! I swear; if you can, fly business or whatever is between coach and first class. Your body will thank you and it is so worth it! Also, twirl those ankles if you tend to swell. After all the carts and busy stuff have disappeared; that's the time to get up and about. Just don't disturb the Crew in their personal space. (unless, like I said last night; to get more wine as it saves those darling people a trip) I don't bother with all the scarves, bulky neck thingies; I actually like the tiny pillows and the headrests that bend. But then again, I don't fly at night; it makes me quite the cranky girl. All this traveling talk makes me pine for London boohoo.

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On Sleep Habits, Finding a Therapist, and Men Who "Make an Effort"

I wholly agree with the "cold turkey" advice. It is the only method that does work. I understand that bullshit "honeymoon" phase when he says he sorry, et al. It's like giving up the addiction; go to a "meeting" in which I mean call a friend, start knitting, clean your house; anything to keep from letting that bastard back into that pretty little head of yours. Granted, it takes time, we who have been there (even more than once) but it will pass. And you will feel better, I swear; sweety. Good luck, we're all here for you!

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On How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight Like a Lady

I fly Virgin Atlantic exclusively for the "Premium Economy" which is tots delightful and they have the best free news rack on departing flights from Heathrow. Everything goes in one tote and netbook is first to come out for ease at security. I wear flats for same reason stated above. I dress nice, always say please and thank you and help out struggling Mums with babes. I will go to the galley for more wine; saves the air hostess a trip. I always take the first flight out of Newark on Mondays at eight AM so no need to sleep or worry about trying to. I just sit back, enjoy the first rate movies and documentaries, have some great food and service. I love to fly, BTW.

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On The Best Time I Found Out I Had HPV

me too (in a small voice) has kept me from ever going near someone again (and its dreadful, emotionally painful) for over three years and I don't think I'll ever be close to anyone again.

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On Lean Cuisine-A-Day Recap

I live for Stoufer's when they are on offer at the local market.I can get any 6 for a tenner and that's dinner at work for a week. Favs are mac n cheese, salisbury steak, sesame chicken and more. I know I should eat better, but when you're standing up and pushing pills at the same time, it makes it easier.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry Basics

And for you kitty lovers out there; Our Pensioner, Bella (she's eight) and a sneezer; I use any carpet/furniture cleaner (spray) on my removable Ikea slipcovers. Just spray directly, toss it in the wash and voila! No more boogers! And yes, vinegar works wonders on kitty tinkle (as my Alfie can attest to) as he gets a bit attention-seeking at times. And this also works on the down feather removable Ikea cushions too! I will never give up by kittehs xx

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry Basics

Ah hell... just wrote nice comment and hit wrong button. I want white jeans; how do I keep them white cause I'm scared they are high maintenance. Is it OK to add laundry soap, bleach and Downey before adding clothes, been doing it this way forever. Love the "Ask an Clean Person" column; very helpful xx PS-I make my scrambled eggs with 1/2 & 1/2; very tasty.

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