On Explanations

@wee_ramekin To be fair, keeping both pieces up as a reminder isn't a bad way to go, if people are comfortable with that. Sometimes keeping these things at the forefront of our awareness isn't a bad thing, at least until the endemic problems are well and truly sorted out.

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On A Life in Celebrity Encounters

@erindubitably Also I sold art books to Dr Kelso from Scrubs, saw Ted from Hey Dude in a shoe store, ate next to Jerry O'Connell IN JERRY'S DELI and got to hug Mr T. Ah, L.A.

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On A Life in Celebrity Encounters

Once my mom and I were driving down the 10 to Staples and we saw a Humvee and I said "oh look, it's probably Arnold" and then we drove a bit closer and it was! it was him! smoking a cigar and driving like 80 down the freeway. And I freaked out because I knew she wouldn't believe me and flapped my hands and pointed and she gave me a weird look.

Also his signature is on my diploma.

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On The Friday Night Pie

Stayed up all Thursday night adding and re-adding percentages of pie chart; too exhausted now: 100%

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On The Insecurity Pie

As someone who spent the latter half of my appointment at the bank today worried that I was leaving a stain on their nice office chair, I totally concur with this chart!

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On Alone in Uganda

I am also from Kalamazoo, and love bees! I feel such a connection! Oh and Uganda sounds amazing.

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On Honesty, Asexuality, and the Un-Recloseting

@Springtime for Voldemort But what if you watch Lost Girl for the scintillating dialogue and thoughtful exploration of--ahahahahahaha.

Sorry. Oh show. Never change.

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On Qreamed Quorn

@Mary Mouse I am one of the people made ill by Quorn (stomach cramps bad enough to wake me up in the middle of the night, woo!) but even before I realised it was the Quorn I didn't enjoy the texture or flavour much. Sadly it's one of the only meat substitutes you can find in my podunk Scottish city.

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On How to Make Snowman Deviled Eggs

@ru_ri Guys these yolks are terrible!

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On Today's Toy Lunch

That Stacey McGill has a lot to answer for.

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