On "I suppose this is precisely why they don’t keep it in the museum."

OH MY GOODNESS! For absolutely *years* I've been half-remembering that book and had resigned myself to never recalling the title. My uncle and aunt brought it as a gift one time they came over from the States and I absolutely adored it, even if now all I can remember is something about hot fudge sundaes. I need to find a copy and indulge in some major nostalgia, stat.

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On The Best Scones

"Erika Kuever just finished her dissertation. Sadly, it is not about baked goods." In three weeks (!) this is exactly how I am going to sign every damn thing off, forever.

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On When You're at Singles Yoga...

@Anne Helen Petersen OMFG that track. I nearly died from the sexy. Can any wise 'pinners recommend me more in the same vein while I'm out finding someone to make out to it with?

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On Nobody Can Say No

But! But! Cheerios are manufactured by Nestle! Which surely means that squishy hearted leftie types can't love them? I haven't had a bowl in ten years :( All the sad. Which I guess means I still love them despite being a squishy hearted leftie type after all...

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On Save the Date, London: October 1

Longtime lurker, had to register just to say I AM ALL THE SAD I CANNOT COME TO THIS. Just moved to Madrid...any Spanish hairpinners about? No? Sadface.

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