On How Proteins Work

Cytokines, don't drink alone. You can come to karaoke with me.

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On Nickelodeon's Diversity "Problem" Is That It Likes Diversity

"It's very hard to be a man in the publishing world" lolololololololol

P.S. The Adventures of Pete and Pete was still a great show though, and holds up quite well on re-viewing! Who even watched it, me, I watched it!

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On Valery Gore, "With the Future"

"I'm an old fart"


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On Weekend Roundup

Cross-stitching is super easy, probably the easiest of fiber arts besides maybe those plastic looms you made potholders on as a kid. You seriously only need two things: natural or cyborg-enhanced good eyesight (tiny stitches, tiny fabric holes) and patience (see previous). Do it.

On a completely different note, can I lodge a complaint about the looped Tumblr-style gifs? I am an Old and they give me a headache.

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On A Wishlist From The Pit of Despair

"7. A Rube Goldberg machine that will bring me effortlessly out of bed and to my feet."

I want mine to play the Breakfast Machine music from Pee Wee's Big Adventure.

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On The Best Time I Met Captain Jack Sparrow in Brazil


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On Two Victors

This was a wonderful piece, thank you.

And there is a special place in hell for people who post spam on an article like this.

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On "It's hard for the protestors to accept that I do abortions because I'm a Christian."

Hello, I am your friendly reminder to Not Read the Comments!

(good article though)

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On Ruth Bader Ginsburg: "I had to be told by my law clerks, what's this Notorious."

For me, the Jabot of Smug Superiority to Haters is everything. I hope it has tiny trollfaces embroidered on it. U MAD?

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On If You Don't Think This Is About Misogyny, There Is Nothing Wrong With You

"the pain that we experience as women—even physical—does not give us the right to tell people there’s one way to think or feel, or to assume that we have some god-like understanding of everyone’s motivations."

Cool, this is exactly the same article about FEMINISTS DOING IT WRONG that Time has been publishing over and over for the past 20 years, glad I clicked to confirm. But I guess I'm just saying that because I'm a judgmental feminist harpy

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