On Cinnabon Vodka: "Smells like a butt, but a nicely lotioned butt"

Needs more Qream

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On Who Among Us Could Chew a Single Almond 25 to 40 Times to Optimize Its Nutritional Benefits

Why chew an almond at all ever in a world where marzipan exists?

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On The Marionette and Mr. Awkward

I'm really sorry this happened to you.

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On 20 Songs by Women that Will Turn 20 in 2014

When I first read the headline I thought it meant "20 songs by women that will (THE WOMEN) turn 20 in 2014 (BECAUSE THEY, THE WOMEN, WERE BORN IN 1994)" and I was like :((((((((

(But then I read the whole thing and felt better about my increasing and inevitable obsolescence because at least it has a nice soundtrack)

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On The Donnas: Where Are They Now?

The horse named Donna is what sold it for me.

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On Four Unfunny Truths About Laughter Yoga

Psst... I think that first #3 is supposed to be a #2.

...or maybe I'm supposed to imagine a world where the number 2 does not exist and laugh about it? (It is pretty funny, up there with throwing milkshakes at things)

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On Pass the Cranberry Chodes: Christmas, According to a December 1951 Copy of Woman's Day

"the sound of the slim stem snapping in the black wind of passion comes back time and time again"

I mean, what

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On A Post-Lunch Tab

Can we not do the "lol annoying vegans" thing here please?

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On 917 People Who Are Hotter Than Benedict Cumberbatch

Stopped reading at #3 because that is all that needs to be said on the damn topic. *folds arms*

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On The Third Fortunate Cookie

Oh jeez look at those goddamned adorable bears LOOK AT THEM


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