On Texts From the American Girls

@A. Louise i also got samantha because she looked the most like me. my blond sister got kirsten. they are still in my parents' house somewhere...

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On You'll Need a Winter Coat in Paradise

@shart_attack Ditto on what's been said above. I'm a big beer nut, so I did a brewery tour. We went to Paulaner, Augustiner, and several others and ended up at the Hofbrauhaus. GO TO THE HOFBRAUHAUS. It's super touristy, but so much fun. Drink a Mass (one liter mug) or two...chat with people from all over the world. Grab food in the Viktualienmarkt and bring to the English Garden to have a picnic (and definitely watch the river surfers). Go to The Residenz (The Wittelsbachs' family palace) and admire the family jewels and ridiculously gorgeous palace interiors. Go to the top of one of the churches for stunning panorama views. This may sound nerdy, but I love my trusty Rick Steves book. Good jumping off point for good restaurants and bars and self-guided walking tours. (Also, if you have time, Andechs Monastery is in the nearby countryside and has incredible beer and food. It's also not touristy at all. Everything was in German.)

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On You'll Need a Winter Coat in Paradise

Munich is my dream city. GORGEOUS! I've been there twice now and dream about going back all the time. I have this plan to live there for at least a year or two somehow. First, I have to learn German. Then, I have to figure out some sort of job situation to afford living there...it's going to happen...

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On Happy Thanksgiving

i will be having two thanksgiving dinners: one with my in-laws, and one with my family. also, i have a vision of the not-too-distant future in which the only purpose of thanksgiving is to prepare for a blood-soaked fight for electronics on black friday (now starting thursday night apparently). retailers hide 'golden tickets,' willy wonka style, inside frozen turkeys and cans of cranberry sauce. these tickets allow people to enter the 'turkey dome' in which they engage in a fight-to-the-death for the newest apple products and flat screen tv's. then tina turner shows up.

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On The Mulholland Pie

this is awesome. well, i know i'll be spending thanksgiving watching 'eraserhead' with my family. because isn't experiencing a waking nightmare the best way to spend the holiday?

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On Shower Us With Your Insights, Grace!

@Clare that is amazing. i love how ben looks terrified, like all the intimidating tall models will gore him to death with their antlers.

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On A Video Response to the BIC for Her Pen

she is adorable :) also, if this pen is actually mimosas, i would buy it in two seconds.

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On Friday Open Thread

@BosomBuddy I'm almost caught up with Breaking Bad, which has been consuming my life for the past month. BSG is next. So excited :)

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On Interview With a Virgin: Will

@redheaded&crazie Omg, are you me? I have totally felt all the things you've described and had a very similar college experience. I was very naive and inexperienced going into college and was super uncomfortable at parties surrounded by random people casually making out. I just didn't know how to approach guys, accept compliments, notice when I was being flirted with, nothing. I didn't have my first kiss until I was 23 years old (with my now-husband. I didn't tell him he was my first kiss for months). I had been kind of ashamed of these things for years. Since college, I have grown in confidence and self-esteem. I no longer feel ashamed of being myself: a slightly awkward introvert who was a late bloomer. I met a wonderful man who didn't care that I wasn't sexually experienced because he loves me for who I am. I still have my moments though. Like I'll look at my husband and think, "How did this happen..." like it's all a fraud somehow. Old habits die hard I guess :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@billie_crusoe I totally had that "THIS IS OUR ONLY TIME TOGETHER WE MUST SPEND IT TOGETHER AND WE MUST DO SOMETHING" feeling in the first year of my relationship. I would get really angry when I would go over to spend time with my BF (now husband) and he would play on the computer for 3 hours. HOWEVER, we communicated about it and realized that both of us just need down time after stressful weeks. We enjoy doing our own thing in the same room if we need that time. Also, when one of us is antsy and suggests something to do, most of the time we'll do it together and be fine with it. I've realized that we don't have to do something together ALL the time. Now that we're married and around each other a lot, that pressure to always DO SOMETHING together is not there, and we're much more comfortable just being around each other and having lazy weekends together. Keep talking about it and readjusting and work out what works best for both of you. We still have to do this depending on what our weeks look like/life throws at us :)

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