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Okay, I don't usually comment in this thread very often because by the time I get to it there is just an overwhelming number of comments, but I wanted to share.

I finally, finally made an appointment with a therapist for my anxiety. Of course, now I'm anxious about the appointment, but I'm also excited that this the first step to maybe getting my shit together. Yay! I'm also maybe hoping to start some medication but am worried about the whole "changes the chemistry of your brain" thing.

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@lorenzo I am not an SLP, but I will give you advice anyway. I think job shadowing would be a great way to get recs from within your field! Also try and approach a Prof you knew, or whose class you did well in, and remind them of some comments on a paper, or maybe a Practicum setting for your MEd, or an SLP at your school.
You are enough. Your wants are important. Whatever you ultimately decide to do, know that you are enough. It is ok to say what you want and need.

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By paper bag princess on Friday Open Thread

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I interviewed with a consulting firm last week and I felt like I crushed the interview, although the next day they told me they weren't hiring me. Then they offered me a spot in a workshop this week--they said they liked me a lot and could tell I was interested in their field, and thought the workshop would be good professional development for me. I was totally stoked to go, and it was wonderful, and then at the end of it they offered me the job anyway!!!! Apparently even though they spoke to more people, I was memorable and they kept thinking about me and liked me and wanted to hire me!

I am so so over the moon. I'd been starting to feel so demoralized by unemployment, and now I am excited to get back into the swing of things and hopefully feel like a more normal person!

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Multiple Buffy references in a single post are always welcome.

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I'm only 1/8 of the way through this comment thread and I can already tell I'll be spending the afternoon reading, refreshing, reading, refreshing 'cause it's already looking like an awesome support group for People Who Feel Stuck. Three cheers to the LW, Megan, and the wonderful 'Pinners for sparking such interesting and comforting conversation!

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@Quinn A@twitter Heh, my ex used to do this ridiculous Rick Steves impression; we would mute the TV show and he provided his own X-rated voiceover about Rick Steves' scatological, drug-fueled activities around Europe.

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@Quinn A@twitter Rick Steves is just the best.

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@lorenzo I'm a second grade teacher too! Commenting in solidarity, and to say that I'll probably move to a new school next year, not because of the time demands (I'm anal about not taking work home), but because my particular position is difficult, and I'm interested in working with the populations served at the schools that've offered me jobs. I hope someone else responds with some good advice! (FYI, I coordinated programs for a nonprofit before teaching, but speaking multiple languages probably helped compensate for my lack of NP experience.)

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I just devilled my first egg! Yum.

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