On Friday Open Thread

Thank you so much, you guys! I really appreciate your support and advice. If I decide to move forward with this, I will definitely take the advice about reconnecting with my professors and starting the process EARLY to take some stress off. Thanks again :)

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On Friday Open Thread

Is anyone here a Speech-Language Pathologist? I'm considering applying to programs this year. I've been an elementary school teacher for the past 6 years and am worn out. SLP appeals to me because I would be working one-on-one or with small groups, I would have more flexibility in the environment and population I would be working with (hospital, schools, adults, kids, toddlers, etc.), and better pay in the long run compared to what I'm making now.

Here are my concerns:

1.) Don't have a background in SLP (my undergrad degree was Psychology and I have a Masters of Education)
2.) Application process is stressful/expensive (if I really go for this I would probably apply to about 10 schools as it seems pretty competitive)
3.) Probably wouldn't be able to get academic letters of recommendation as I haven't kept in touch with my professors over the last six years
4.) My hubby and I probably want to start a family in the next 3 years. I worry about balancing a baby with grad school and wonder if most places would even be accommodating (sad that I would worry about that but still)
5.) All the feelings: guilt for wanting to spend all this money for a less stressful job that I may or may not actually love, guilt for giving up working full time for school, fear of being inadequate, etc.

I plan on doing some shadowing or volunteering in the next month or so to get a better idea of what the job entails. Going back to school really does excite me. I just over-think everything and like to hear other people besides the crazy voices in my head :)

I'd love answers/opinions/encouragement, internet strangers :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@sandwiches Congratulations first of all! A brunch/lunch reception is a great idea. If you still want to do a dinner reception, you have a few options. 1.) Usually, catering packages/venue packages include wine with dinner and a champagne toast. You could leave the alcohol consumption at that. 2.) You could have an open bar only during the cocktail hour/hors d'oeuvres time and then close the bar at dinner time. 3.) You can pay a fixed amount of money ahead of time for the bar to pay for the 'open bar' time. Once the limit has been reached, the bar becomes cash-only for the rest of the night (this is what we did) or the bar is closed for the rest of the night. 3.) Cash-only bars tend to discourage rampant drunkenness from everyone, although not from the hardcore drunkards.

Also, dancing at the reception can be really fun :) I'm not really a dancer either, but it was amazing to see all of my loved ones in the same room having so much fun dancing the night away. It helped that we got a really good DJ who knew what to play to keep people dancing. We did break up the dancing with some silly games and a slideshow as well.

Even though you just got a bunch of suggestions, feel free to throw them all out! There's no one right way to have a wedding reception so you'll figure out what works for you and your family. Just try to keep everything in perspective. All those cliches are true: the wedding is only a day, the fact that you are marrying the person you love is most important, and people will probably only remember the general feeling of the day rather than all the little details you spend hours stressing out over (so if you guys are happy, having fun, and relaxed, everyone will feel those things).

Best of luck planning! Have fun with it and keep us updated :)

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@hands_down We also went to Munich on our honeymoon and brought along our Rick Steves book. We visited Rothenburg as well and brought our trusty book into one of the recommended souvenir shops. The shop owners started pointing at us saying "Rick Steves!" and then rushed over and gave us a free bag and map (which was part of some Rick Steves book special offer thing where if you mention Steves or bring in a book you get free stuff). They then doted on us the entire time and when we went to buy our items showed us a picture behind the counter. It was a picture of them with what must a been a 20 year old Rick Steves wearing a giant backpack. Apparently they go way back :)

Also, this is a funny parody (STEVE RICKS!):

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On Friday Open Thread

@aardvark This was extremely reassuring and helpful to read. Thank you so much!!! You've elegantly articulated many thoughts that have gone through my head in my more confident moments of soul-searching :) I definitely intend to apply for both teaching and non-teaching jobs and get help tailoring my resume for the positions I apply for, when the time comes. I've actually looked into museum education jobs as I have a bit of an arts background and a strength in designing curriculum. You've given me a lot of other ideas and resources as well that I can use on my career journey :) There aren't many people I can really talk to about this besides my husband and it's nice to hear about what other people have done. Sometimes I wish someone could just tell me what the 'right' choice is, but I know that there is no one 'right' choice. Ultimately, I have to make the best decision for me at the time. It sure does feel good to get a little encouragement and advice from an internet stranger though :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@Simtow Thanks for the response :) I work at a private school and I know our principal gives us a lot of extra work which is probably feeding into the stress. I know I'll figure it out eventually :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee I'm kind of in a similar, although somewhat reversed, situation right now. I am currently a second grade teacher but am feeling like it's not the best fit for me. I've been teaching 6 years now, so I've gotten over the initial hump of staying afloat (which was very hard for me) and am finally feeling like I've gotten the hang of it. However, I still get overwhelmed at the amount of STUFF I have to do. I love the kids, but the thought of dealing with the grading, and the parents, and the behavioral and emotional needs, and the lesson planning for 10 subjects every week, and the paperwork for administration, and the extra activities I help out with after school, and the conferences, and the professional growth that I don't get paid extra for...it goes on and on. I know it's not that bad when I step back and look at it all, but I would really prefer a job I can leave at the end of the day. I hate carrying home papers to grade and planning lessons on the weekend. I also carry so much emotional stress home. I really worry about these kids i teach and feel really responsible for them.

I feel like I really need to try something else to see if it really is this particular job that's stressing me out, or just work in general and I need to adjust how I deal with stress. But which path to take? If I choose a career outside of teaching, I would feel so much guilt about feeling like I'm washing all my teaching education and experience down the drain. And how would I even get a career outside of teaching? All of my work experience is education related.

Or do I choose a different job related to education, but not in the classroom? I think I might like being a resource teacher or reading specialist but those require extra classes usually to get certification.

Or do I just keep teaching and tough it out? Maybe a different grade level would be less stressful for me.

This is all coming out very strongly right now because I'm probably going to be moving to a different state this year if my husband gets into the PhD program he applied to. I feel like it's a chance to start fresh and try something different. I also have so much fear about getting a job that can support both of us and just starting a new job in general.

Gah! Any other teachers out there who changed careers? What jobs would I qualify for that are not in the education field?

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On The Best Things Christian Women Told Me About Sex This Year

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose
This reminds me of the South Park where they formed a Christian rock band and all the songs were about how they were in love with Jesus:
"I wanna get down on my knees and start pleasing Jesus, I wanna feel his salvation all over my face."

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

We got Aska from a rescue. I love to drop the 'r' word when we talk about how we got her, but honestly, she didn't need to be rescued. She is the cutest little dapple-coated daschund with the sweetest personality. We actually had to be interviewed by her foster parents and were up against 3 other families who wanted her. He foster home was in a gorgeous modern house owned by a wealthy gay couple who had two of their own dogs: a fat daschund, and a hyper daschund-chihuahua mix. I like to think we rescued her off the streets, but really, this dog was living the life. We still send her daddies pictures and updates and they sometimes dog-sit for us. We love our little girl :) And I love seeing and hearing about everyone's dogs :) Here she is when we first got her as a puppy:

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On Humblebrags About My Dog

@bocadelperro I only know the people in our apartment complex by their dogs' names. Likewise, I am only recognized for being "Aska's mommy." My humblebrag: "Oh, yeah, her dapple coloring is really unusual. She's a daschund mixed with we-don't-know-what that we got from a rescue."
She kind of looks like this:

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