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On Which Name Is Weirder, Saxby Chambliss or Barkevious Mingo? The Answer May Tell You Whether or Not You're Racist

Saw a little girl at Disneyland recently with her name on the back of her t-shirt. Beyond it being total child-abduction bait (yes, I am totally paranoid about stuff like that), it was the most awful because her parents named her PAEZLEE. Yup.

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On This Is an Actual Video of Frank O'Hara

This poem was (really, the last six words were) the subject of my first undergraduate paper, and I've been in love with it ever since. It was basically the romantic ideal of the university experience I'd been imagining for years. Frank O'Hara 4EVA! (I mean, obviously.)

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There seems to be a specific genre that keeps cropping up for me: cat ladies. I have seen both CATTMOM and KAT M<3M within a ten-mile radius-- now I am ever vigilant for plates like this.

Also, I am able to measure how late/early I am for work based on whether I pass a Corvette with a ROTTGUT plate during my drive.

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On Friday Open Thread

@par_parenthese YAAAAAY! Ok, I feel like I have fewer ideas about Hong Kong in general, so please tell me what I *have* to eat and do (in general, even if it's just an area to wander around). We're actually leaving ON Lunar New Year-- but are there any lead-up festivities? OMG I get to start paaaaacking soon!

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On Friday Open Thread

Today is wonderful because there are only three more days between me and a fifteen-day trip to Hong Kong and Thailand! (It is vaguely bittersweet because I was sort of supposed to be 38 weeks pregnant at this point, but that is another, pretty awful, story.) 'Pinners with SE Asia travel experience-- lay your recommendations on me! And while you're at it, please say reassuring things about how the insane heat and humidity will not actually be the end of me.

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On Friday Open Thread

@___m___@twitter This one is more makeup than clothing-focused, but I really like Natalie Dee and her comics AND her exhaustive beauty reviews-- http://www.stuffiputonmyself.com/

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On We Would Watch a Wolverine/Catwoman Crossover

I just saw it last night, and here are my thoughts:
1. Eponine's waist! WHAT. (I know this was much commented upon upthread, but I must reiterate. How was she possibly singing?)
2. I Wikipedia'd the SHIT out of the book, musical, and movie today-- would it surprise anyone else to know that Gavroche is Eponine's brother? Weird.
3. Why do French street urchins have such thick Cockney accents?
4. I might be a sociopath, because I sat there dry-eyed through "A Little Fall of Rain" while this woman behind me SOBBED.

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On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

@mbmargarita Yes! Another formerly blonde-highlighted, present redhead (Feria Brilliant Bordeaux 4EVA). Not only is it waaaay cheaper, it's the only shade on which I've gotten compliments from strangers. For less than $20 every couple months, I'd say it's the way to go.

(Caveat: red fades like a MFer, which is a bummer. Just use some of that money you're saving to buy some fancy shampoo, though!)

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On Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

@annebee PLEASE tell me you're going to have a Festivus pole.

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On Flowers and Champagne: A Party Chat With Party-Thrower Julia Lake

This weekend, I'll be hosting what I hope will be the first of many lady-brunch gatherings. Rather than waiting for a table at a favorite eggs benedict spot for 45 minutes, I'll roll out of bed, put on some coffee, and throw an egg bake in the oven. Guests will be in pajamas, and there will be multiple pitchers of Bloody Mary/mimosa-type beverages. PARTY WIN. (Do I sound like a braggy asshole? I'm just SO EXCITED, you guys.)

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