On Friday Open Thread

@iceberg Dulce de leche with ribbons of caramel and peanut butter and chunks of white/dark (can't decide!) chocolate.

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On What Your Bag Says About You

@Fissionchips Nice! I'm using one of the oilcloth Cath Kidston bags (would link but it appears they don't sell it any more) for similar rainy Manchester reasons. *shakes fist at sky*

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On Reminder: London, Tomorrow; Portland, Sunday

Damn it! Recovering from surgery :( Northern 'pin oop soon anyone?

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On How to Catch a Hairball

Part of me wants to thank you for the instructions, as I am fed up of showering in ankle deep water and the chemical drain unblockers (I know they're bad but hey I rent) have stopped working so well.

Part of me now hates you as I have no excuse to not sort this out and I'm going to have to deal with a huge clog of SOMEONE ELSES HAIR OMG blechblechblech. At least I can shower off the unclean feeling afterwards...

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On Save the Date, London: October 1

@Aunty Christ Wow, how useful! Bookmarked :D I went down in July with the boyshape and it cost us about £175 for two nights in a cheap (but surprisingly nice) hotel in a not-central location, looks like I could do it for £50 for one night and be right in the centre! :) thankyouuuu.

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On Save the Date, London: October 1

@rayray and @shannonmkennedy@twitter count me in for a northern pin oop. Manchester based here :)

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On Save the Date, London: October 1

Whyyyy London :( So expensive /cheapnortherner.

I'll be there if I'm not recovering from surgery (dates are up in the air atm)... and I can figure out somewhere to stay that won't cost me the earth.

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