On Bones, Ghosts, and Paul Koudounaris

This is the best thing I have ever read in The Hairpin or anywhere, wow.

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On How to Make Snowman Deviled Eggs

I hate deviled eggs so much but this is so adorable. FEELING TORN.

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On How Ya Been, Pin Pals?

I love having a Pin Pal! I am writing on recycled paper rather than fancy stationery usually because I am *such a stereotype*

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On The Cork Screwnicorn

Drinking + whimsy = totally this site's demographic

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On What's So Bad About Bad Gifts?

Good point. Food banks are relatively inoffensive, though, right?

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On What's So Bad About Bad Gifts?

I just wanna note! A food bank in my area is doing something kindasorta like that? Where you send an "E-Card" to your loved ones asking them to donate instead of buying you a bad gift.
I think it's totally cute and I do plan to incorporate "I GAVE TO A CHARITY I THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE" into my adult gift-giving this year, because dudes I don't know what you need/want and I trust you to know that better than me.

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