On Happy National Peanut Butter Month

@runlolorun ARE YOU A SORCEROR

Posted on November 15, 2012 at 6:13 pm 6

On Love Potions Numbers 4-10 are Also Illegal

Mmm, so when the bread and wine get turned into body and blood of Christ, is that magic? Is praying for someone to get well magic? What about meditation? How about a drum circle?

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On The Future of "Page Three Girls"

@The Lady of Shalott Canadian papers opted to add "SUNshine Boys" instead of losing the girls. Also, the girls are wearing clothes. Sexy clothes, but still clothes.

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On Estate Jewelry: The Horror

Could the "manticore" be a questing beast?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

I was just thinking about aacp yesterday and feeling all nostalgic. Hooray for the blog fairy!

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On Ukrainian Barbie Flu

This doesn't bother me nor does it make me feel sad. Like I guess the extreme dieting must suck, but otherwise, so what if Anime spends hours painting her face/doing her hair etc? THAT TIME COULDA BEEN SPENT WATCHING TWO AND A HALF MEN? Or reading edifying literature for young ladies? My pearls, they remain unclutched.

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On Hair and Morality

My husband has a pair of pants like that, and it makes me so happy when he wears them. I'm basically constantly checking out his crotch and ass. Every man should have at least one pair of dicky pants.

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On "Good Grooming for Girls"

Also I love how she compares young women to paintings and hats.

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On "Good Grooming for Girls"

Sponsored by Ponds?

I laughed, then I started listening, then the absurdity overwhelmed me. A college class for facewashing!!

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On Name That Bride

You guys, I guessed Anne of Green Gables for like 3 of these.

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