By melis on Not Chasing Amy

Digs at me, not especially. Dig on! But when my friend Simone Eastman writes a thoughtful, painful, harrowing piece for us that reflects upon the pain of trying to love an unloving mother - a piece that's vulnerable and honest and difficult - and someone drives in from facebook to call her a "lazy piece of shit" and accuse her of trying to prank call her (which, question mark?), then I feel fairly justified in making a Conan the Barbarian joke at their expense.

That said, it's not an un-salient point, what you bring up. You're a friendly commenter and you asked something that's not unreasonable! So I think I can abandon my "force-feeding the trolls" policy and adopt one of bemused silence, because I really wouldn't want you to feel uncomfortable or unwelcome as a result of my general tendency to wring all the comedy out of a joke until it becomes dry and stale.

Also, your handle is MalPal and I, as a Mallory, would not want to behave in a manner unbecoming to pals. So: thanks for putting that in a kind and thoughtful way. I apologize for taking the joke too far and souring the thread. Excelsior!

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By clutchingpearls on So You've Decided to Drink More Water

This is the funniest thing I have ever read! And I've read John Maynard Keynes!

Your sister.

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