On Text Messages From a Ghost

The people demand MELIS!!!!

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On So You've Decided to Take Some Time for Yourself


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On Smoking: The Pros and Cons (Excluding All Health Risks)

@Lisa11111111 SERIOUSLY LISA! You probably really hurt Lisa1's feelings. In fact, she just called and told me so.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Bras, Sex Toys, DivaCups, and Leg Waxidents

For all of you wondering where @melis is, she has recently undergone crazy lasik surgery that is causing her all kinds of pain when she looks at a computer. Were I more witty I would make some comment involving eye lasers, sex toys, and eye lasers as sex toys, but this must suffice! She misses you all terribly.

Cordially yours,
sister of mallory

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On So You've Decided to Drink More Water

@melis Yes it is I, the meestair! I will have a hot scotch and water, hold the water, hold the heat, on the rocks.

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On So You've Decided to Drink More Water

This is the funniest thing I have ever read! And I've read John Maynard Keynes!

Your sister.

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