On A Conversation About Books and Money, Part Two

@muddgirl I think that often times books like Fifty Shades of Grey allow publishers to publish more obscure titles that they think are important. Though I don't work for a trade publisher, I work for an education imprint of one of the Big Six. We all depend on revenue from the big (if shallow) hits to do our best work that we really believe in.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money, Part Two

@Sea Ermine Other people have given great online bookstore suggestions. I shop at drugstore.com for a lot of the stuff I would otherwise buy on amazon. They have a pretty wide selection of goods.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money, Part Two

@Sea Ermine Buy a Nook! I love my Nook HD. You can buy movies and TV shows on it as well. The selection isn't quite as good as the Fire, but you can also put shows you buy from itunes on it with a little know-how. You can also access the internet and use hulu and netflix.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money, Part Two

@Megano! I don't think the problem is that publishers haven't taken advantage of the internet's potential (though that's certainly what's doomed a lot of booksellers). Amazon isn't doing anything particularly revolutionary. They're selling books online whether in an electronic format or a printed format. However, they are selling books at a loss, devaluing the price of a book generally and making in near impossible for publishers to sell their books other places for a profit.

I agree that the pricing model in publishing needs to be changed, but Amazon has refused to sell books (eBooks in particular) at a price that would allow publishers to maintain profitability, and then has the gall to remove "buy" buttons and rage about the "monopoly" publishers have on books (i.e. copyright) that prevent from selling books at a cheap price.

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On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@lindsayishere Came down to agree with everyone. Sahadi's is the best. I like it spicy. I like it plain. I have never been able to not finish it in one sitting.

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On 11 Facts About Victoria Grayson's Calligraphy-Covered Fabric Throne

@pajamaralls The fabric is from Lacefield Designs! I know the people who work there, and they are very proud of THE CHAIR. http://lacefielddesigns.com/patterns/documents

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On Get Your Midnight Book Release Costume Ready!

As an editor of psych books, I am grateful for the job security. Also, I agree with the commenters above who have commented on the lack of development in diagnosing disorders or otherwise abnormal psychology in children.

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On The Agony and the Ecstasy of Michael Sheen's Eyeballs

@Bittersweet I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding. Mr. Knight-- erm, Jeremy Northam would never say anything out of turn. Right?

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On Really Good Books About Real Murder

I just read a galley from FSG of People Who Eat Darkness by Richard Lloyd Parry, an incredibly thorough account of the murder of Lucy Blackman, an English hostess who was living in Japan. I think the book is out in the UK already (and I saw there are some copies available on Amazon US).

I really, really enjoyed the book-- particularly the parts that delved into how the Japanese justice system is different from ours (and Britain's) and why those differences exist. I think it's a good read for anyone who liked Underground. It's out this summer in the US! Perfect macabre travel reading?

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On A Few of Mitt Romney's Favorite Things Not "worth borrowing money from China to pay for"

Let's all make a Hairpin Pledge to vote in November! I'm worried that without Women and the Youths, this nonsense will be voted into office via the Grouchy Olds and people-who-live-near-noisy-train-tracks.

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