On Five OkCupid Messages That Made Me Want to Revise My Profile

I don't get very amusing messages, but I keep getting 'quiver' matched with someone whose profile begins with something along the lines of 'I'm in a serious relationship and not into polyamory. I'm also asexual and if that's a problem for you then do not message me.'

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On Other Bosom Committee ISO Rhyming Nickname

Five years ago when I was suddenly no longer the nearly-A cup I'd been throughout my teens, I bought a bunch of the cross-back type American Apparel "bras" and that is the only kind of bra I have worn since. So, "M", as far as I know.

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On Unfollowback Girl

@Dancingbear I really enjoy that you refuse to unfollow him! But also, I unfollowed an ex boyfriend a while ago (which was...quite some time after we broke up. Years? We were friends and then Reasons) and I still notice him on my follower list and WHAT IF HE IS AS AWESOME AS YOU ARE OH NO.

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On Love Letters Sent and Responses Received, Without Commentary

These are so amazing, all of them, in totally different ways (which is in itself amazing). The end of C made me gasp and turn away from the computer for a sec.

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On Make Your Own Sigil

@Sarah H. Yes!!

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On With Malice Aforethought

@atipofthehat I also followed the link to that article and was completely absorbed in it, but I didn't go further and now I'm glad/not glad that I did.

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On I Could Totally Walk 20 Km

I got a British gymnast, which I am surprised by because I thought I was way too tall to be a gymnast. I'm really pleased though because I am so comically bad at gymnastics that I was demoted into a class for 4-6 year olds when I was 9.

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On This is a Safe Space to Talk About Your Dissertation

I started biting my nails for the first time ever at age 22 while writing my MA thesis. I got the marker comments on it back in November and I still haven't looked at them. Last week I submitted my first piece of written work for my first PhD monitoring panel and I noticed after I sent it that I had left a small joke to myself within a long footnote on Page 2. I have the meeting next week and I can't decide if, on the chance it is brought up, I should be honest or pretend I was just being blithe and intended it to remain. Sigh!

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On Beauty Q&A: What's That Smell?

@Lil Sebastian This *might* smell like Body Splash or w/e, but you could perhaps check out Demeter's Grapefruit Tea? It smells exactly like grapefruit, with supposedly a note of tea that I can't detect. I'm wearing it right now, and I LOVE it, but it definitely smells...well, more like grapefruit than like perfume, which could be good or bad.

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On Madonna's "Girls Gone Wild" Video

All of these things (well, not Fred Astaire) are things that reference, or at least were in part made possible by, Madonna videos...I mean, Alejandro basically WAS a Madonna video. And this new video is pretty much like a Madonna video had a baby with another Madonna video.

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