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On Logan Echolls Syndrome, Cohabitation Power Politics, and The Girlfriend Label

Yesss Veronica Mars reference!

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On Tax Terms, Explained

I love these, Dayna.

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On We Salute the Female Fuckup

Comedy matriarchs!

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On How to Change Your Password: A Heartbleed Guide

Fact: half of the hairpin commenters are bots. And they've become eloquent.

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On You're So Bad

@shiv I'll work on my set.

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On You're So Bad

We are in comedy's golden age right now, and it's a matriarchy. I love it.

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On What Goes With Spring Landscaping?

I will take all the drinks with none of the primping, please. I mean, i pluck my eyebrows but it's not an event, ya know? Anyway, i like this.

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On "Today, female infidelity is the biggest challenge to the male-dominated status quo"

Aaah,how is no-one commenting on this?! This is a great article and I fully agree.
I had a near-affair and it had nothing to do with a lack in my marriage, but a lack in myself. And the fallout was rough, but my relationship with my husband is infinitely more honest and challenging (in a good way) since. It's been a fascinating experience.

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On Ladies Love The Running Man and The Dougie

The next video to come up after this was "world's best pole dancer" and, damn.

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On The Milk-Eyed Mender Turns 10

This album is wonderful and somehow her albums have only gotten better since then. They are each such distinct and magical works of art.
And if anyone comments here to complain about her voice i say GOOD DAY to you.

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