On Ask Baba Yaga: When My Drive to Succeed Is Waning, How Do I Get Back on the Horse?

Please never stop doing these.

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On The Friday Night Pie

Two hour radio silence between texts leading to the perfectly reasonable belief that nothing was happening, followed by sudden onslaught of "we're at ______ where are you???" once I've taken my real people clothes off and taken my contacts out: 75%
Mild agoraphobia: 25%

asdlkfasldfja this one struck a bit of a chord tonight :<

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On Dental Date

Anyone else super impressed by Lily's outfit/general put-togetherness? When I was her age I couldn't be bothered to comb my hair, let alone wear non-legging pants and cute oxfords.

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On Friday Open Thread

@DIES IMMORTALES!!! Thank you, this is a really good idea.

@highfivesforall That's really good to hear. I'm thinking of telling the friend who confided in me about her recent breakup. Feelings are hard, and you are awesome for helping me navigate them.

@tealily Oh god, I'm so sorry. For some reason, the delay makes it so much worse. I know it did for me, at least.

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On Friday Open Thread

@ayo nicole I've had pretty good results with the cream stain from Sephora. I am terrible with makeup, so the process takes a little while, but my lips look pretty and wonderful for a good chunk of the day (and can easily last all day if I retouch occasionally). Like many other stains, it can dehydrate the fuck out of your lips, so I first slick on a bunch of eos lip balm as a base. Then I apply the lip stain, being careful-ish but also keeping makeup remover wipes on hand to take care of minor catastrophes as I go. I blot with a tissue, then use a more liquidy lip balm on top, then blot again, then reapply lip balm. I usually bring the lip stain and some makeup remover wipes along with me for the day in case of hot food/beverage consumption. Hope this helps :,)

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On Friday Open Thread

@DIES IMMORTALES!!! Didn't see your reply before I added my second comment, but yes, exactly. Thankfully(?) I'm an ocean away right now so I'm not coming face-to-face with any of our mutual friends.

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On Friday Open Thread

@almighty jugs Oh, and since I'm already oversharing: part of the weirdness I'm feeling is almost guilt? Like, feeling like I shouldn't be so torn up about the death of someone I barely knew and should leave the grieving to his real friends, as though grief is some kind of zero-sum game. I don't know, I just have a lot of feelings.

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On Friday Open Thread

((((warning, sads ahead))))

I found out a few days ago that someone I kind of peripherally knew at my home university passed away last week. We lived in the same house for a week during the summer--between one of my leases ending and the other beginning. We didn't hang out or even talk that much, and I hadn't spoken to him since, but we both read on the porch a lot during that week and he was always incredibly nice to me. I can't stop thinking about him, and how young he was, and how much everyone loved him.

I feel very isolated right now as well. The people I've met in Scotland are lovely, but I don't feel that I've known any of them long enough to open up about the weird shit I've been thinking since I found out.

Have you ever lost an acquaintance or old friend? Lost someone really young? Lost someone while you were far from home?

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I feel you re: hair-tiredness. I haven't cut mine in months and it's long and raggedy and shapeless and disgusting so I've been doing my lazy/hacked version of milkmaid braids and feeling all pared-down and elegant/using it as en excuse to wear more and brighter makeup than strictly advisable on cloudy winter days.

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On Inteview With a Gunnison Sage Grouse

OH HEY CORNELL LAB OF ORNITHOLOGY. I watched their red-tailed hawk cam all spring/summer and then I SAW ONE OF THE NEWLY-FLEDGED RED-TAILED HAWKS and it was so exciting. I'm counting it as a celebrity sighting.

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