Bishop Approves iPhone Confession App


What Girls Dream

All girls dream the same dream, together, all at once. Usually the dream is about shoes or closets. Or even bigger, prettier closets. In the dream we all get married. and live in a dream house which is often a doll house, same thing. We wear dresses in the dream, pink lace dresses and jewelry. READ MORE

You Had Me at "Hamster-Powered"

I trust you are a fan of the Strandbeests, one of the world's best creatures. Gakken magazine recently produced mini-Strandbeests, and this blogger powered one with a hamster. A hamster named Princess.

A Nice Padded Room

I've always been obsessed with rubber–my earliest memories include hoarding Pink Pearl erasers and hard-rubber Snoopy Joe Cool figurines– so you can imagine how the recent boon in rubbery design has delighted/enraged me. My fantasy of rubber floors could be made reality in this very apartment. That deep pink is just one of eighty colors available in perfectly smooth, (and they say) non-smelly rubber flooring that comes in rolls and tiles. READ MORE

Tiny Stories For Your iPhone

Narrative magazine is soliciting and publishing very short iStories, designed to be read on iPhones. READ MORE

Dating Technology of the Future

Soon Face Visualizer technology will be perfected and, perhaps one day, available for romantic application. You tell that story about your cat. Your agreeable date smiles, nods, wrinkles his nose at the cuteness. I know! You'll say. Now, begin a discourse on possible new hair cuts. Your date purses his lips. (Concentrating!) Maybe bangs? He raises an eyebrow, considering. But shorter in the back, to emphasize my cheekbones, you say. He starts to smile again. He winks. Winks again. Yep, that's the the one. READ MORE

Quick Art Quiz

I'm going to The New Museum later this week where I plan to see, among other things, this painting by George Condo, Spiderwoman. Today I feel sort of like she looks. Parts of me are screwed on wrong. I wore the wrong face and accessorized incorrectly. READ MORE

Kindle Makes It Too Easy to Read Embarrassing Books

The Kindle is trying to ruin the fun of gawking at embarrassing books people read on the train. I've played this game formally with one friend for years. It started with for us with The Complete Idiot's Guide to Indigo Children. I would relish the opportunity to inform her by text that someone next to me was reading the latest by Sylvia Brown. But that hasn't happened... that I know about. Look at what we're missing! These are all new and upcoming Kindle titles, and they are exactly what the people all around you are reading. Don't be fooled by studious, literary facial expressions. READ MORE

Lady Travel: a Portal to Your Self

Ladies, do you crave a ladies' vacation? A vacation to your self, if you will? Perhaps you'd enjoy Portals To The Self: a women's circle by the sea. READ MORE

Soap-Eating Girl Is Clean Inside and Out

The latest girl who eats something weird (in a parade of girls who eat weird things lately) looks surprisingly cute, cheerful, and non-demented. Which doesn't mean it's okay to eat soap. Don't eat soap. READ MORE