Your Bird May Scream For Attention


Stress-Free Valentine's Day

Someone has thoughtfully compiled a whole bunch of recent research on stress into a handy six-point guide. Just for you, I've further simplified the tips. Wallet-sized! Feel better, be better, and keep Valentine's Day stress free. By doing things right for a change. READ MORE

Sprayed With DNA For Security Reasons

A woman in Amsterdam was surprised to find that her neighborhood has been treated with an anti-crime DNA-spray. From the letter she received: READ MORE

Make Your Urine Smell Like Violets

Get your hot sex tips riiiight here, and just in time for Valentine's Day. READ MORE

Man Lives in Little Cube Inside Big Loft

So much to learn, so much to contemplate in this article about a Feng Shui teacher who lives in a large, high-ceilinged loft, but spends his time in a wee cube within that loft. He rolls the cube around to various areas of the loft, and spins it to face different directions, depending on what he's doing. Because of Feng Shui. READ MORE

Hipster Little Mermaid Sighting in Miami

Miami-Dade officials are not pleased that porn was recently filmed in a public park, during the day. READ MORE

Important New Mascara Helper

As a woman, it's hard to paint stuff onto tiny little hairs near sensitive organs for seeing. READ MORE

Charge Him With Cat Treason


Swingles Live Together and Love It

One is a girl whose goal is a "very sexy pad." READ MORE

Rocks Probably as Good as Soap

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne found some rocks and rubbed them all over her skin. READ MORE