On On Hair, There and Everywhere, and Intra-Cultural Shame

@Betsy Murgatroyd Yes to taking your business elsewhere!! I am a white girl with what I like to call "Brooke Shields" eyebrows. I once had a woman cutting my hair at a salon try to shame me into an eyebrow wax. No tip for her, and I never went back!

(This triumph of self in my 20s was in sharp contrast to the hours spent crying in my teens when someone commented on the hair on my stomach. That kept me away from 2 piece bathing suits much more than the look of my abs ever did).

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On So You Think You Can Dance Finally Allowing Male Dancers to Touch Each Other

I actually stopped watching SYTYCD after a few seasons, because Nigel's homophobia and body shaming were just too rage inducing to sit through. (Whereas I was willing to put up with all the stupid reality tv storyline tropes for the dancing.)

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On A Smart Girl's Guide To Responding To Pop Stars

Agreed - it is never Cormac McCarthy that you should be reading!

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On Ask a Fancy Person: Consignment Shops, Gendered Pronouns and Leaving the Forever 21 Zone

Yes to consignment and second hand shopping! More than half my wardrobe (and almost all my work clothes) have come from those stores. Though, I have several very cute, knee-length pencil skirts from Forever 21 - my usual rule is that there is one work appropriate item in the Love 21 section at any given time, and it is my goal to find it.

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On Mad Libs: New York Times Real Estate Edition 


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On A Rear Window Decal of You, Two Cats and a Big Pile of Money

The real way to divide people in this world: camp "Engage The Trivial Enemy" or "Ignore Completely Forever". (I am mostly the former. If by the former one means "I yell at my radio frequently during news and current affairs programming and Tweet my displeasure about stuff."

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On "Social media are to mansplainers what dogs are to fleas"

I have sent this to so many people today!

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On The Cider Report

@Beatrix Kiddo This is why I love living near Quebec. So many delicious sparkly ciders!! Often which come in 750 ml bottles with a "champagne" cork and cage. There's a Macintosh-based one which is delicious but quite sweet, and which I generally serve with (vegetarian) shepherd's pie or something else hearty and reminiscent of fall.

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On An Open Letter to Summer Fashion Trends

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Unsurprisingly, the answer to "Who sells stirrup pants?" is American Apparel.

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On Jane Talks to the Marrieds

Those people annoy me greatly. Because no one can make a committment without getting married. And no one gets married without fully committing.

Learn to insert the words "For me/for us" into these sentences, and I will stop thinking you are self-obsessed douches. Until then, douche on, douche canoes!

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