Hellllooo! My name's Annie, I live in Provincetown at the very tip of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I work year-round at the art museum in town and at a bar that serves delicious beers and foods during the summer. For fun, I like to take cheesey (nay, AWESOME) photos of sunsets and dunes, drink delicious beers and eat delicious foods with delicious friends, and makes lists of things I want to do during the weekend.

On A Certain Amount of Suffering: On the Women of True Detective

Have been waiiiiting for an AHP analysis of the women of True Detective!!

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On 13 Months Alone in Bangkok

@katzenklavier Ah thank you, this is great info! I had a feeling that teaching ESL was the most efficient way to get my foot in the work-abroad-door. It sounds like you really worked it in Brazil from all angles, that's inspiring to hear! And now that you mention it, Rio definitely sounds more fun than New York...

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On 13 Months Alone in Bangkok

I love this series, what a great addition! Related question: How does one find a job overseas (or in New York, or anywhere, ha, ha!)? Any tips from those in the know?

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On Missed Connection - w4w

@xxAnniexx haaahaha, the plot thickens! Perhaps the writer is their third twin, the sensitive one who can be found pretty easily in Brooklyn?

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On Missed Connection - w4w

@adorable-eggplant Glad I'm not alone in my mis-identifying Waldo! Really reduces our chances of ever finding him, that sneak.

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On Missed Connection - w4w

@xxAnniexx After a quick google image search, I am reminded that Waldo's shirt is maroon (red, really) and his pants are blue.

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On Missed Connection - w4w

Also, I once listed a Missed Connection (an I Saw U, actually--hey, Albany!) in my local alt newspaper, and the gentleman to whom it was directed saw it! It was sort of a cheat because we were friends and had just spent a romantic evening together (culminating in reading the I Saw Us together in a diner) before I moved away, but it still felt like a validation that the system works.

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On Missed Connection - w4w

Confession: I've been seeing this around the internet but not paying much attention, only really taking note of the description of the writer's clothing (striped shirt, glasses), which I thought was an intentional description of Where's Waldo. It seemed like such a clever trick, and such a victory for the writer to have it go viral!

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On Talking Devon Sawa, Blues Radio and Bloody Marys at the Beach with Gaby Hoffmann

@Anne Helen Petersen Felt exactly the same way! Wow.

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On A Very American Open Thread

@Girl Named Jack Albanyyyyyy!

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