On It Was Really Lovely Meeting You

This was marvelous.

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On Know Your Crackpot Medical Advice: Dr. Leo Spaceman or John Wesley, Co-Founder of Methodism?

@rangiferina> "feverishly covered in puppies" is an alternative lifestyle I can totally get behind.

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On Mom, What's Happening to Those Ladies' Faces?

@keristars. I find his hair most upsetting. They gave him that hair on purpose? Whaaat?

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On Tegan and Sara's "Closer" Video, but With Dogs Instead of Humans

I'm just going to leave this here: http://thehairpin.com/2011/03/this-dog-party-is-so-chill/

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On Inside the San Marcos Aquarena, an "underwater world of mermaids, clowns, and a swimming pig named Ralph"

OK, this led me to Collector's Weekly, where I've spent all afternoon. Good stuff on there! Reading about chatelaines right now: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/articles/the-killer-mobile-device-for-victorian-women/

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On 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

@TheLetterL. My next throwpillow embroidery project: There are no Stay-at-Home Astronauts, Ted.

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On Alice Russell's Tiny Desk Concert

This was a treat. Thank you!

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On You're One in Eight Million

@TATABox. Also, look for "ATX Hairpinners" on Facebook.

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On The Anna Nicole Smith Stories

The phrase "equal parts gin and chagrin" is one for the ages.

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On The Secret to Health Is Sleeping Through Everything

@packedsuitcase. See, I'd rather have a shorter life span because the only thing bleaker than a "lack of sleep will kill you article" is a "your now-longer life span means you can never retire" article. Outliving my money is a BIG fear of mine. So I'm staying up late tonight, yo.

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