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@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy Hahaha also I just realized that one of the implications of the WHO chart is that dental care is inversely correlated with cavities in children. BAN DENTISTRY!

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@riff raff as jamie franko @Heat Signature Wheeee science time! SCI! ENCE! TIME!! Bop bop bop bop boooo:

1) "Fluoride works primarily after teeth have erupted, especially when small amounts are maintained constantly in the mouth, specifically in dental plaque and saliva (37). Thus, adults also benefit from fluoride, rather than only children, as was previously assumed." It's not absorbed in digestion, the benefit is while you have the water in your mouth. source: CDC and here's the CDC overview on fluoride use

2) Dental problems can be caused by a myriad of other issues, including: poverty, lack of access to healthy food, and lack of public education about dental care (see #4). Maybe also a new mutation of strep bacteria! That's a new medical hypothesis for cavity rates exploding. But if you want speculative correlations, most US cities that have fluoridated water also have: huge income inequality, problems with lead abatement, street-cleaning machines. WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

In other fascinating science, according to this chart in under-12's Africa & SE Asia have the lowest incidents of cavities despite not having much dental care, while the Americas have the highest despite being 70% fluoridated, BUT Europe has pretty much banned fluoridation and they have the second highest rate. This chart be caused by many things! But it doesn't actually contradict the research on fluoride preventing cavities, because it could be that if the US didn't fluoridate its water we'd just have crazy-high levels of cavities. Maybe this is from our diets! Or genetics! Or some other factor, nobody knows. But rates are higher in places where there are high levels of obesity. And other first-world maladies like allergies. Interesting!

3) THIS one is hilarious, because saying water fluoridation is risky because it hasn't been approved by the FDA is like saying water itself is risky because it hasn't been approved by the FDA. The FDA has nothing to do with it. The EPA is the agency responsible for safe drinking water, the CDC sets the guidelines on how much fluoride is recommended. ALSO lots of drinking water is naturally fluoridated, because fluoride is a salt that exists in the earth and dissolves into water as it moves through rock. IN NATURE. Some of the UK's water, and lots of US water is naturally fluoridated. If they called it "mineral water" instead of "fluoridated water" I'm sure people would stop flipping their shit.

4) Low income families! You mean the ones that can't afford dental care? From the above article: "Water fluoridation also reduces the disparities in caries experience among poor and nonpoor children (108--111). Caries experience is considerably higher among persons in low SES strata than among those in high SES strata (39,46,112). The reasons for this discrepancy are not well understood; perhaps persons in low SES strata have less knowledge of oral diseases, have less access to dental care, are less likely to follow recommended self-care practices, or are harder to reach through traditional approaches, including public health programs and private dental care (48). Thus, these persons might receive more benefit from fluoridated community water than persons from high SES strata. Regardless of SES, water fluoridation is the most effective and efficient strategy to reduce dental caries (112)." All the 'personal choice' in the world can't argue with SCIENCE.

5) The people who are responsible for fluoridating the water DO control how much fluoride you ingest! That's their job. They can remove naturally-occurring fluoride as well, with science! And they report levels to the EPA, along with other data on water safety, like how much bleach they added to the water to kill bacteria (yep, let me tell you, the FDA definitely did NOT approve the safety of drinking bleach). But you would die of water overdose before you were affected by the fluoride.

6) Ingestible fluoride tablets are no longer recommended, because we now know that the benefits are from a constant small amount in the mouth, and digested fluoride doesn't make it back up to the mouth.

Booop bop bop! Science Time!

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@lucy snowe now I want a rainwater cocktail. with pure grain alcohol of course.

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@Heat Signature I'm not very technical but I AM super biased and married to a scientist. My mom was a Old School hippy and didn't let us drink tap water or brush with flouride because CHEMICALS. Now I spend piles of money on dental care. My partner grew up in a really flouridated city and never had a single cavity, and is completely lacking in any of these "flouride toxicity" symptoms. In fact her entire NATION is flourided all to heck and no one manifests "flouride toxicity."

The whole scare is fake hippy science along the lines of the anti-vaccination people.

Also we do know, from science, that cavity bacteria can migrate to the heart is implicated in heart disease. So, flouride! I love it.

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On Baby Steps (and Shots)

@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy 'we played russian roulette with our kid's life because we hate the idea of raising a child with a developmental disability. i mean, gross!'

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On Baby Steps (and Shots)

Yo, has no one noticed how fucked up it is that these parents, given the choice between POSSIBLE DEATH and POSSIBLE AUTISM for their children... decide to go for the POSSIBLE DEATH.

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@Lady Humungus I'm just gonna leave some science right here for you all. That top right hand corner is the shit. To maximize efficiency, go borrow a cute puppy and take it on a long run in some nature while breathing deeply and not drinking coffee. Also, like all of those things are pretty fun and pretty close to free.

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On Tumblrs of Note: Reasons My Son Is Crying

@JessicaLovejoy Bahahaha OMG have you met toddlers in real life? They are assholes. If that was considered abuse literally EVERY child on earth would be considered to be abused.

Shutting the door and walking away is SO MUCH BETTER than pushing yourself beyond the end of your endurance because 'attachment parenting' and then going crazy and *actually hitting your kids* (which is where the abuse line actually is!). Wish someone had gone back in time and told my mom this!

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On A Student Tells Me “I Would Do Anything, And I Do Mean Anything, For a C”

@Better to Eat You With @fondue with cheddar Best username convergence ever. Mmmmmm. Undergrad fondue.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Sea Ermine yo internetfriend, go find this book at yer local library. It is super reassuring. It talks about stuff like @Saskquatch said: there's no The One out there for most people, so you gotta get out there and go on some jobdates to figure out what you want and what you hate. And then you change over time, so either your job changes with you or you gotta change jobs to accommodate your new self. Trust the process and don't overanalyze it!! (disclaimer, I just found an amazing job after reading that book so I now believe it is The Magic)

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