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@whizz_dumb I'm beginning to think so! (Edit: Or, I guess I should say, "I'm sure feeling that way!")

I wonder what the next topics will be?

How I learned to love the Brazilian.
Why I don't mind that my husband makes more money than I do, even though we have the same job.
My sister, her therapist, and the perfect love affair. (Why this controversial pairing sometimes works out!)

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By par_parenthese on Friday Open Thread

@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy


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By red pen on [Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

i'd like to put in another plea that you keep running traditional advice columns! i'm a big reader of advice writing, and i think i'm part of an audience demographic that may not be visible or obvious because we don't necessarily or often comment (except you, @This is my new username!): (analytical, anxious, reflective) people who are looking for information about how life works and why people do what they do and what people want--information about human nature. for people like us, the main draw in reading advice columns is seeing how people describe their problems, and what elements their situations they identify as problematic, and how that overlaps with or differs from what the advice columnist identifies as the problematic elements. this is what's so awesome about, for example, megan dietz's and heather havrilesky's advice writing. they're more interested in thinking about what makes a situation "wrong" or weird or painful than about answering the kind of "do this or do that?"/"who's the jerk here?" dilemmas that, say, dear prudence, dan savage, and the ethicist focus on. i think there are a lot of other people like me, who are reading advice columns to kind of store up perspectives and analytical stances for a rainy day.

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By the roughest toughest frail on "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@KatieBarTheDoor I got the aforementioned Bollywood actress and Will Smith. The robots that run those sites are drunk assholes.

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By Hellcat on "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy Haha! I have learned that you really have to be careful about telling anyone about a (real or perceived) resemblance to an animal. I didn't care when my ex told me I looked like a meerkat but his friend did not seem to enjoy learning from me that he looked like a greyhound. He really did, and I didn't mean it as an insult at all--he was narrow and kind of angular in the face and cute enough. We did have a (bat-shit crazy) lady at my office who was the spitting image of an ostrich though, even in her manner of walking. I don't think anyone told her this.

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By zamboni on "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy Time for your guest "Get This Look: Baby Dinosaur, Ant, Grasshopper, Rabbit" post!!

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By chnellociraptor on "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy I am consistently told that I strongly resemble Dory in Finding Nemo. So I feel you.

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By wee_ramekin on Nuts, Olive Oil, Heart Disease

@all the kittens in the club gettin nipsy Don't forget talking with your hands!

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By Nicole Cliffe on Texts From Pride and Prejudice

@Anne Helen Petersen I do not understand how people are nostalgic for a time before the internet. If you did not live two blocks away from Mallory, you would never be able to read anything she wrote. You had to hope the people two blocks away from you were funny, and they probably weren't.

Then you got cholera and died. The end.

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By melis on Friday Open Thread

AHAHHAHAHA oh my god i quit my job i actually quit my job and I have like three hours left oh my god i quit my job (imagine those last repetitions delivered with Kevin's inflection in Home Alone of "I made my family disappear" but also with some more terror)

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