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On Camp No iPhone

I go to camp for adults! It is Autostraddle's A-Camp and it is totally amazing. I first went as a camper and now I am a counsellor. It is for queer women on a mountain with summer camp activities (crafting and hikes) and really good panel discussions and pool parties and a dance. I can't recommend the experience highly enough. Although I will say it is definitely not camp no iPhone. We had to warn people not to Instagram the bears.

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@parallel-lines I also raved in the 90s and find this resurgence troubling... I was all for giant pants with dress shirts and ties and sweater vests (very Toronto) but never, ever candy. You are definitely right that those were the worst parts.

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@disgruntled co-worker I love jungle and don't get dubstep in the least.

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On Cartoonist Jessica Abel on Graphic Novels, Jungle Music, and Tequila

@vvv My favourites are all here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eyg_iIr_fs

Man of Steal + Warhead + Champion DJ + Badass + Stevie Hyper D. I never get tired of this set. Amazing party!

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On Yoga Sirens, "Starey Dinners," and Gay Teens on TV

@aprilia26 My only issue with types is similar. I am fairly typically femme but tend to be more attracted to other femmes who take a 'butch' role (for lack of a better description). Relevant (obviously non-attainable) example: Bette Porter. Challenging.

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On Save the Date, Toronto: October 20

This is so exciting! What a nice thing to wake up to!

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On Internet Ouija Board, Round One: Ashton and Demi


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On Significant Others vs. Career

@melis I did that too! I wanted to read all the potential pathways at the same time.

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On Nothing Comes Between Us and Our Bootcuts

@insouciantlover I agree completely. Rock and Republic jeans in general work for me (not the more... aggressive washes) and the Stella is fantastic. I used to be a dedicated boot cut person but these converted me to straight leg. My favourite are waxed black and look great at the office despite being mistaken for leather pants occasionally when new.

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On Save the Date, Washington D.C.: September 22

@redheadedandcrazy I am in Toronto and I support this message.

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