On Google Searches During a Three-Day Juice Fast

Just want to throw my 2cents in that I LOVE THESE POSTS you should definitely keep them coming. Because um, I am fascinated with juice cleanses. Like, seriously, seriously fascinated. The same way I imagine goth teenagers are fascinated with serial killers.

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On What to Feed a (Former?) Rival

@thenotestaken i am conflicted as to whether i should be adding a 'nsfw' when linking this out

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On "Some Scenes are Wholesome, Others Degrading"

Oh. This again.

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On Can We Still Be Friends?

@sintaxis YES thank you for summing up all my feelings about this weird little piece YES

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On Rapper Slash Amateur Gynecologist Awkwafina Explains It All

holy shit this is the most amazing thing i've seen all week

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On Not Chasing Amy

Somebody tell me I'm not the only one bothered by Manic-Pixie-Dream-Gretchen? Oh, a supportive quirkily-dressed cutie with a quirky badass job whose sole purpose in this story is to Fix Him A+! We know all these things she did for him, but what about her? He doesn't even mention what she does now, besides being a wife and mother. It would have literally taken half a sentence dude! (dontevengetmestartedathowofcoursetheresolutionisaheteronuclearfamilyiamgoingtobringmyhomobuttovertherenow)

It's pretty appropriate that the title is a reference to Kevin Smith's work, given how flat the female characters are here. =/

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On Beauty Q&A: What's That Smell?

@Maghrebi where can I find this essay?? my google-fu has failed me. :(

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On We Need to Know the Truth About Dental Dams

For anyone curious as to the experiences of and reasons behind why I choose to practice safer non-penetrative sex, and/or how people who engage in analplay do it, I wrote up my reaction here: http://jaygreenbunny.tumblr.com/post/9558111772/the-dam-conspiracy-or-how-i-am-someone-who-practices

(Directed elsewhere to avoid large blocks of text for people who don't care.)

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On Drunk Flirts, Insecurity, and the Man Who Mistook Himself for a Lesbian

@alice b. tchotchke :D

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On Drunk Flirts, Insecurity, and the Man Who Mistook Himself for a Lesbian

@persnickety!@twitter In an ideal universe no one should ever police identities ever. But it is still important to be critical of the contexts in which self-identities occur, because as fucked up as policing identities is, co-opting identities/cultures is also very, very fucked up. Not in the same ways of course (because not all oppressions come in the same form or are analogous to each other), but in very damaging ways specific to themselves, and it is really important for us to call that shit out when it happens.

See uh, every single co-optation of people of color culture by white folks ever. (http://mycultureisnotatrend.tumblr.com/)

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