By Jazmine on Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin's New Contributing Editor


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By adorable-eggplant on Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin's New Contributing Editor

@adriana Pupppyyyy!! Look at that crinkly little tongue.

@jazzloon Yay! That is so exciting! Now I can tell you directly that the interracial dating article linked above was super meaningful to me, and I sent it to my boyfriend and we had the 'things that are important to me to clarify before/if we ever have children' talk which was big and scary and totally necessary [neither of us is black, but also neither of us is white, and I'm mixed and he isn't, so it's a conversation that was going to have to happen eventually, but it was reaaaaally nice to have some talking points to get it started]. Also, that last line killed me and is why I am still, perhaps, not ready for kids.

Anyhoo, excited to see where the Hairpin is headed. If there could be more Billfold cross over, I would not complain... For example, everyone should be reading that 'how wizards do money' series; it's a gamechanger.

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By mllemargaret on Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

Petty enthusiasms!!!! Yes, please! That is what brought me to the Hairpin lo those many moons ago. And I hope Haley's work at WORN means there might be a little more fashion content around these parts. Excited to see what the future holds for the Hairpin!

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By PennyCentury on A Playlist of All the Music We've Posted in 2014 So Far

yaaaaay thank you jia thank you hairpin and THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED THIS WEEK.

That Jessie Ware song tho.

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By ohwhistle on 42

"Oh, I just looked you up on Wikipedia and I see that you’re 55. Oh, yeah! That is such a hot age. It’s like, you’re still alive, but only for about 30 more years."

Fucking genius.

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By Jia Tolentino on 42

@mystique Sarah Miller is actually 17, she's lying for this piece because she wants us to think she's hot

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By PennyCentury on 10 Famous Quotes Recast For the Beyoncé-Solange Situation

@Don'tcallmeJenny no, yo, its pretty much that the 'Pin is the only place I could stand to read about this because its a surveillance video, from TMZ, and all of it is just exhausting and I'm waiting for the more racist undertones and this is the only way I'm gonna deal with it. Nobody's mocking that people are violent towards other people, I think this is more about the other gazes and how seriously everyone is taking this.

But it is a Tuesday, so, you know, slow day on ye webs. I'll stay out of your discussion.

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By PennyCentury on 10 Famous Quotes Recast For the Beyoncé-Solange Situation

@Don'tcallmeJenny I'm pretty sure if someone had done something on some website that isn't this one even though this is originalish content about Reed Richards and Johnny Storm something something something. Adjective.

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By adorable-eggplant on The Stupid Trendy Cocktail Bar Name Generator

I got "Wool & Wanker" and am committed to never drinking anywhere else again.

ETA: Unless it's at the "Rum & Stirrup" hahaaaa.

ETTAAAA: "Clown & Farthing" lol it's like Crown. I'm almost done.

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By JLA on You Are Not a Descendant

@Apocalypstick You should talk to the British.

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