On Ask a Person Who Just Read the Hotel Corpse Water Story

The level of self-insertion on this site is really off-putting. How does this affect meeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Honestly, that girl is someone's daughter and the response above here is pretty sickening.

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On "Something of a desperate housewife" with "something like a sickness"

I have a strong feeling this is a hoax.

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On How to Carry a Knockoff Designer Handbag

@lululemming Sorry, I can already see I was a little harsh there, but like, there's enough poor shaming in this country already without people being made to feel like trashy hicks for buying knockoff versions of thousand dollar bags because every message they get from magazines and the internet tells them it is an integral part of their identity as a successful, attractive person.

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On How to Carry a Knockoff Designer Handbag

This is kinda.... I dunno. Poors shouldn't look so poor if they want to carry the status symbols of the rich because if offends your eyes? I'm not even going to touch the selective ethics of point three in contrast to the origins of some of the other stuff we're told we need to buy around here. Yikes.

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On The Point of Cheating

Cheating is wrong, yo. But here. I will give you a free copy of someone else's hard work that you're supposed to pay for. I don't know why this enrages me, but it sure does.

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On Engagement Stories, Cuddling, and Wonderful Boyfriends

"Cocktease" is not appropriate at all (her crime, is not after all, acting like she's going to have sex with him and then not) but "asshole" certainly is. She knows it's not cool to condone or encourage the married dude's attempts to cheat, but and she's doing it anyways. And even if she's "naive", she now knows he's into her and says she's still open to him spending the night in her bed. Asshole.

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On "Do I Look Like a Doily?"

@liznieve Yeah, this is kinda gross, maybe.

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On Grading Gadgety Gift Guides for Guys

@lululemming Also, because I have gone down the rabbit hole, this made me laugh like crazy: http://www.bestmadeprojects.com/post/5427086342/peter-buchanan-smith-discusses-the-best-made

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On Grading Gadgety Gift Guides for Guys

The product copy for those axes is hilarious. "Before the channels of hardware and tool distribution opened wide, axe helves (handles) often had to be carved by hand. Much could be said about someone from the shape of their axe, how they swung it, and even what type of wood they cut. Patterns for axe helves were meticulously sketched out on barn walls and handed down through generations like cake recipes. Looking for a good project? Looking to call yourself a true axe man or woman?" Also: "This item is currently sold out."

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On Internet Ouija Board, Round Two: The Justin Bieber Baby


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