By The Lady of Shalott on Ask a Person Who Just Read the Hotel Corpse Water Story

@tentacle party I am also really, really, really disappointed in this. This is a real, live woman, a 21-year-old university student who talked to her family every day and took public transportation and was visiting California. This is not TV, this is not something out of a novel, this is real fucking life and this is a real girl who died a horrible death.

I am really dismayed to see the reaction. I really expected the Hairpin would not be quite so focused on the EWWWW GROOOOOSS aspect so much as the fact that this girl died an awful, lonely death.

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By tentacle party on Ask a Person Who Just Read the Hotel Corpse Water Story

Look, this was a real girl, with real friends and acquaintances, SOME OF WHICH PROBABLY READ THIS BLOG AND IT'S AFFILIATES. This is in really poor taste. It wasn't an episode of CSI, it was something that happened to a real person and maybe y'all could be a little less flippant. I don't seem to recall any respectful posts about this, and maybe it's just because of the mental illness thing but I don't really find it hilarious or fun to speculate on how a young girl died.

Time to get off the internet, obviously.

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By laurel on How to Carry a Knockoff Designer Handbag

@lululemming: I'm with you. I feel like this misses the point a bit. The easiest way to avoid supporting child labor, animal cruelty, human trafficking, etc., is to stay out of the mass market for logo goods altogether. As long as the measure of wealth in our culture is showing how ignorant/dismissive/cruel/inefficient we can afford to be, wringing our hands over authenticity seems beside the point.

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By swirrlygrrl on How to Carry a Knockoff Designer Handbag

@lululemming Agreed. Can we at least get a supplemental post about why no one should carry a deisgner handbag? Because those suckers offend me far more than the fakes.

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By Mad as a Hatter! on "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" on a Glass Harp

This touched my soul at it's grimy little core.

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By annepersand on Acne Makes Us Do Crazy Things

The only good thing that acne has given me is the ability to flawlessly imitate my mother's Scouse accent saying "Stop picking at your face!"

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By annev6 on Acne Makes Us Do Crazy Things

By the time I left for college I was sleeping in a shower cap, a towel over my pillow, and tea tree oil all over my face. I was also crying a lot, as I was starting college in the South (land of the stepford sorority sisters), and was convinced I would always be a lumpy faced monster. My mom had gotten me on birth control and taken me to the derm so so so much. I had undergone weeks of painful facial peeling treatments. Nothing worked. At the end of her rope, she signed me up for proactiv and had it sent to my dorm. The first morning after using it I remember vividly being able to feel a spot on my forehead that didn't have zits (for the first time in my memory), and promptly bursting into tears of joy.
I have never looked back (and have come to accept the odd flare up with humble gratitute/respect).
Solidarity to those still struggling.

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By L M on Bus Crushes, Door-Non-Openers, and "Scumbag" Siblings

@leon.saintjean yup. irresponsible advice at best, seriously damaging at worst. LW3, if you're reading, it's not you. you are fine. you are not jealous, or crazy, or petty, or lacking a "rich social fabric." you are, however, taking on too much responsibility for someone who doesn't want to change.

and that's the thing, Dude. people can change. they just have to want and be ready to do so.

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By HeyThatsMyBike on Bus Crushes, Door-Non-Openers, and "Scumbag" Siblings

@Diana You're right on, Diana. But in A Dude's defense, a lot of people that don't have intimate experiences with addicts fail to see how it ALL lines up and is ALL related to the addiction. You cannot separate the addict from the addiction until they get real help. Like you say, ALL the scumbaggy stuff? Addiction addiction addiction. It's the addiction! The crappy friends who are cool with you killing yourself (either slowly via booze or very quickly via your car)? Addiction.

You're also getting at a deeper point related to LW3's concern about whether or not she's being melodramatic. The addict will convince us we're the crazy ones that are overreacting - especially in these "early" stages/years of the addiction. Some of our friends might think you're overreacting, too! Because your brother is such a nice guy and just parties a little too often! You're not overreacting. Talk to your dad and get thee to Al-Anon. And talk to your friends, too. You probably don't talk enough but I'm sure they love you.

I realize this is broken record for Diana's comment and some of those above and below, but when I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on with my father, I would have appreciated reading basically the same recommendation about 150 times to reinforce the fact that I wasn't the jealous/crazy/overreacting one.

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By sonambula on Bus Crushes, Door-Non-Openers, and "Scumbag" Siblings

@leon.saintjean THIS. Those people who find him entertaining now will suddenly disappear if things get scary.

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