On Excerpts From the January 2015 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

"but these are too small to evoke much of an emotional response"

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On Waiting On Hollywood's LGBTQ Literacy: An Interview with Amy Sohn

@cordovan sofa Yeahhhhh I saw the headline and thought (as someone who reviews and reports on LGBTQ lit myself) "oh hm cool a new queer book I haven't heard about yet?" and then my eyes got wider and my frown got frownier the further I read. And then I Googled and realized this is the Amy Sohn whose previous recent "thing" was being a mom in Park Slope but don't get her wrong, not one of those smelly frumpy hippie moms, the cool naughty kind who drinks, which she wrote about in a much-reviled Awl essay a while back.

(Which, let me say, is no knock on the interviewer!—this seemed to me like the work of a good and generous writer whose subject wasn't quite up to it.)

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On Teeth Dreams

Aaah the timing on this, yesterday this basically CAME TRUE FOR ME IN REAL LIFE. I was just sitting on the couch and I realized that one of my back molars . . . was not shaped the way it used to be. It appears that part of my filling just fell on out and I didn't notice at the time!! D: (It is not painful and apparently not even that urgent to fix, I'm going in for it in a week or so, but VERY UNSETTLING.)

And yes, teeth dreams are universal I think. A dream-interpretation book I stole from somewhere as a teen said that it's just supposed to signify change, nothing particularly bad.

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On Tagalongs vs. Peanut Butter Patties: The Great Girl Scout Cookie Regional Naming Rift

There is another twist, too! The two bakeries actually use different recipes. I grew up in ABC territory and, as a person who doesn't eat eggs/dairy, I had several options, including the excellent and totally acceptably named peanut-butter patties. Now, however, I live under the dark reign of LBB, and I have only two options and one of them is the shitty lemon kind that tastes like day-old frosting sandwiched between discs of sweetened waxed paper. (I do, however, concur that the new "healthy" cookies are just inappropriate.)

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On "Animals," by Frank O'Hara

I would avidly read a blog where all it did was post one Frank O'Hara poem each day. Even though I own the Collected Poems. Even though I've read them all already.

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On A Hug for Sally Draper

@DarlingMagpie Another big Megan fan here! Which, granted, is partly because Paré is hawt and I know I'd be absolutely under Megan's spell if she were real and I knew her. But I especially liked her early arc, of finding out she's awesome at something but then realizing she didn't have to keep doing it forever just because it turned out that way, and then starting to fail at the thing she felt she was made for.

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On Unto Thee, O Erykah! The Year I Found Badu

Oh gosh, yes, "Green Eyes" and those lines in particular were what sold me on her forever and ever, too! (Also in a car for me, in my case with high-school friends.) So funny and smart and sad and good-sounding. I'll admit that I am not exhaustively familiar with her catalog but I am always happy to hear her, and permanently grateful just for her presence and existence. Another nice thing about Badu is they play her on the "adult urban" radio station which was the soundtrack of a job I had for three years, and I always felt a little less alienated from that environment and my coworkers whenever "On & On" or "Call Tyrone" would come on.

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On Grimes' Tour Rider: "If possible, one cute bulldog, french bulldog, pug or pomeranian to visit & hang out"

@supernovice Yes, this is true! Even less iconically famous nationally touring bands often do this, from what I understand (They Might Be Giants has talked about it, for one). Like, yeah, tech problems can totally fuck up a show and you don't always know what you're getting into with venues; seems like sound practice.

My imaginary rider (as an actual but very much non-big-time musician):
Drinking fountain placed discreetly to the side of the stage so I don't have to fiddle with water bottles or worry about knocking over cups
A firm but comfortable piece of furniture to stretch out on in the green room
A thing of cashews

. . . I guess that's about it?

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"


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On Five New Yorker Writers Explain the Fate of Huell from Breaking Bad

1. Click through from the banner thinking "hm, okay, who is this Huell?"
2. Realize it's a Breaking Bad thing; navigate back because you have not seen and do not care about Breaking Bad
3. Before the browser completes its task, see a couple lines of the Patricia Marx part
4. Frantically click forward again; enjoy minutes upon minutes of pure mirth

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