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I eat delicious sandwiches like, every day.

On Five Scarring Horror Movies I Watched at Slumber Parties

Late to this post so I don't know who'll see it, but uhhh the eye drill only makes me think about that part in Dead Space 2? Where you have to drill a needle directly into the iris of the main character's eye? And you have to do it VERY SLOWLY (while the character is sort of LOOKING AT YOU [how?!?! but he is] all like "uhhh hope you know what you're doing there buddy") because if you are even a tiny little bit off the needle will drop down and tear the shit out of his entire face AND IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT, YOU'RE THE WORST, THIS WILL BE YOUR FATE.

I cannot be the only person who has played this game/had to play this part of the game for their boyfriend because he almost gave himself a panic attack trying to complete the super fun DRILL THROUGH EYEBALL challenge

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On NYC Starbucks Toilet Roulette

You can also pee in Apple stores, though you will probably have to ask where the bathroom is because they don't make it easy on you. Also the door looks like a push, but it's a pull. Or vice versa. Whatever--you're going to look dumb. But peeing! And they are cleeeaaannn.

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On Drive: An Illustrated Response

@polina I always forget he (Refn) did Bronson. That man knows how to cast a super dishy male lead.

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On Drive: An Illustrated Response

This is the most amazing thing.

If anyone is on a Nicholas Winding Refn kick after seeing Drive, you should totally check out Valhalla Rising. I mean, only if you like movies about Vikings who may or may not have floated down a river to Hell and are now going insane and killing themselves. And there's a lot of no one talking and I guess we're just supposed to read their beard braids for emotional cues? And also Mads Mikkelsen, Danish cheese danish of my heart, is in it.

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On Where Are You Growing Your New Zit?

@thenotestaken I think maybe so! We will all sit in the back room of a restaurant with our hair flopped over one side of our faces--no it's cool I like it like this. It's European? It's 1980s? Shut up. Don't look at my zit. Finger sandwiches will be served.

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On Where Are You Growing Your New Zit?

Just far enough away from the corner of my mouth that it won't be mistaken for a herpes outbreak, but just close enough that it couuulllddd beeeee if you glanced really quickly.

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On Sisters + Not Sisters


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On Sisters + Not Sisters

@Bebe I guess it's like that for only children, but we play all the parts ourselves. Or we develop weird relationships with stuffed animals. Or sister-like relationships with our mothers?? Yikes!

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On Sisters + Not Sisters

@Jolie Kerr AWW HELL YES SINGLETONS. My boyfriend (the youngest of three [... siblings. not the youngest of my three boyfriends! although CAN YOU IMAGINE--probably you can. you can count to three right?]) & I live in a 360 sq foot apt in Brooklyn and it's bad enough having neighbors who I can hear all the time (MOOOOOOM. Upstairs Neighbor is playing their music too loud again! MOOOOOOOM. Nextdoor Neighbor doesn't know how to play his guitar but insists on doing it anyway! MAKE IT STOP) but I just don't understand how he thinks it is normal to be around *ALL THE TIME*. This is MY AIR. Go breathe your own for two hours!! There is a movie theater LITERALLY AT THE END OF THE BLOCK go there.

Whoops this turned into a comment about something else entirely.

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On Sisters + Not Sisters

As an only child I am totally mystified by the world of sisters (and brothers obviously). WHAT IS IT LIKE? I have no idea.

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