On Friday Open Thread

Oh, I'm not the trainer, no way! Hopefully the trainer will want to join too and can give us pointers. I agree - winning isn't the point, having a grand ol' time is the point!

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On Friday Open Thread

That sounds awesome! I work out with a group of strong ladies, some of whom I'm sure would be stoked about this! I'll post it in our group and get back to you for sure.

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On Nothing Tastes as Good as Not Being Cut Open Feels

I just got to this thread and am only about halfway through, but just had to tell you that so far yours is the only one that made me physically recoil in horror. GRASS AND LEAVES coming out his forehead?? Shivers, so many shivers.

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On [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You

@shumacumlaude I just lent someone my copy of Starring Sally J Freedman as Herself to someone! It's 20 years old and verrrrrrry loved. Great, great book.

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On [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You

@Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy) I had to close the tab because the list of requests was frankly getting out of hand. But this page is bookmarked and I will be coming back!

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On Friday Open Thread

I leave for Asia tomorrow for the first time ever and I'm nervous and excited! Going for work, but I'll have a day and half in Singapore to do whatever I want! So...what do I want to do? I've heard that I should go to the food markets, but I want to do some regular shopping, too. And I've heard from a few people to try chili crabs (which I will even though I don't like crabs or spicy - gotta try the specialty though!). I like looking at history and pretty things, beaches and forests and stuff like that. And hey, if any wonderful 'pinners live in Singapore - let's get a drink!

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm leaving for Asia for the first time ever this Saturday (green beer in the airport I guess!), and I'm excited but kinda freaking out a bit. It's for a brand new job that I start tomorrow, so I won't know much about anything and it's quite the whirlwind - 2 days in Beijing, 2 days in Shanghai, and finishing up in Singapore. I've done research for the little free time I'll have in Beijing and Shanghai, but I've got a full day in Singapore and I want to see the most I can. And if any 'pinners live there, we should get together for lunch or dinner or something! Any ideas?

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@More battenburg, vicar? I do the singing thing too! Just a little like, tralalalaa...

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On Unwritten Self-Help Books That Could Have Really Helped Me Last Week

@Non-anonymous: I would also read "Should You Even Say Anything When Someone Asks "How are you?" While Walking the Other Direction and Won't Hear Your Response Anyways?"

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On Enough With the Fake Diary Novels, Already

@Saaoirse: I was just coming to write this about The Basic Eight. Read it on a recommendation from here, it was amazing and I've recommended it to everyone I know. That's diary done right!

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