On How to Quit Smoking in One Easy Step: Get Pneumonia in a Hurricane

Chicken dog in pajamas!!!! Oh my god.

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On Your Guide to Blood Donation: The Lazy Person’s Charitable Giving

Just signed up! Thanks for the prompt. :)

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On Two Questions About Dogs: One Nice, One Less So

@JessAndNo omg dying of the cuteness

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On A Touchy Subject

@Ophelia "gentle noogie" is the best combination of words I heard today.

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On Ozzie Tells All

This is why I love the Hairpin.

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On The Best Time I House-Sat for a Ghost

@alabee However, gas leak or no, I'd stick out that shit for some free DVF.

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On The Best Time I House-Sat for a Ghost

It's possible that there is a gas leak in the house that caused you to have hallucinations! There was an episode of TAL where that was the case -- the whole family swore their house was haunted, had vivid and creepy stories about footsteps and ghosts holding them down when they slept, etc and it turns out they were just being poisoned!!


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On Subject Lines of Obama Campaign Emails That Sound Like a Stalker Wrote Them

I once got one from Biden titled "I've had it up to here, [alabee]". Uh sorry, didn't realize you were my frustrated dad. Possible follow up email subject line: "I will turn this car around, do you hear me, [alabee]?!"

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On Make (Pleasant) Eye Contact

@Probs I live on an area of Mass Ave where bikes really can't ride safely on the road, and there are uber-wide sidewalks so it mostly works out okay. I walk to work every day, though, and I am waiting for the day when I get plowed by a bike. It is absolutely inevitable, and it may even be slightly my fault because I have the same "BWUH?" response to direction-related instructions and basically just freeze when someone yells "TO THE LEFT" at me.

Yesterday, I was on the bus, soaked from the random downpour and feeling snarly. In those situations you just have to remind yourself that travel within cities is always going to be frustrating on some level for all parties involved, you know? The upside is that you get to live in a city.

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On Life and Death and Coffee

@redheaded&crazie my grandmother used to have about 18 cups a day. She was...energetic. However, some of that excessive consumption was a carryover from her recovery from alcoholism, a switch to a more benign addiction. Plus AA always had it. Also she was a little cray.

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